We MUST listen and OBEY the UN!!

  1. We MUST listen and OBEY the UN!!

    We must never act alone. We must follow the United Nations!!

    All Hail the UN!!!


    September 23, 2006: Unless there's a sudden change of heart by several nations (Russia, China and France), Iran appears to have won its standoff with the UN over nuclear weapons development. The UN cannot muster the votes to impose sanctions (an embargo of questionable effectiveness), and the Iranians continue to get what they want through a decades old network of smugglers. The only losers here are the Iranian people, who suffer from a stagnant economy (which is hurt by the embargo, and the corrupt religious dictatorship). The government puts priority on religious and weapons issues, and staying in power despite having the support of less than a third of the population.


  2. oh joy.

    hello WWIII

    i'm glad you're so enthusiastic about the end of the friggin world

  3. I think someone needs to invent a steroid to turn them into the hulk. then we wouldnt need the UN, just a mind control device.

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