The video is, um, out in certain circles.

I've heard about this video for some time. I wasn't really sure what the movie was going to be about. When I saw that it was going to be about the Federal Income Tax, I lost interest. I knew it probably was BS but if you're concerned about $200, then you have bigger problems than $200 missing. So my interest grew cold. Finally, I saw the interview here:

AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism. Aaron Russo Interview. - Google Video

I then realized there was more to it and decided to acquire the video. Life will never be the same for me again.

The movie starts off explaining about both Income Taxes and the Federal Reserve. What is the Federal Reserve? Few people actually know. I admit that I didn't know until I saw the Google Video interview. This is by far the largest part of the video - taking around 45-55 minutes. A conclusion is reached after Aaron Russo (director) meets up with an IRS code writer with an interesting conclusion.

The movie then moves on to something that I feel is extremely important and was the moment of change for me. The thing was that I knew the United States was never as free as people wanted to claim but I was shocked at just how far from the truth it is. Some of the highlights:

- RFID chips will be used in Driver's Licenses. It is already being used in some consumer products, including Mach 3 (which I use).

- Various executive orders. The biggest one was the ability for the government to gather people up en masse and assign them to an occupation to their fitting. So if you're working at construction and they need retailers. If you get assigned to retail, you have to. Funny thing is that as a supposed anti-communist nation, this executive order embraces one of the key components of Marx.

- RFID chips in the form of implants in people. Apparently this has been tested in people since 2002. This isn't some secret undercover operation. The movie has a Fox News clip of a company spokesman proclaiming this. So this is real, not some product of a 15 year old with too much time on their hands. Its consequences are even worse than a chip on a Driver's License.

- A computer programmer speaks about writing code that rigs voting machines, only accessible by looking at the source code. Programmers and Engineers may know this but few outside will not know.

There is some more. Of course, you need to see the video.

The video is well done but was obviously low budget. Some of the computer effects were something you could do with a freeware movie editor. The audio quality is great although the voice of Aaron Russo is often slow. When text scrolls by, you almost wonder if the video and sound is off sync. It is not fortunately.

Russo tries to get the other point of view but often finds himself getting harrassed at every moment. Which looks extremely bad for the government. So expect a lot of the guests to be from organizations that promote Russo's viewpoint. The most prolific of guests on this documentary is Representative Ron Paul (aka, Dr. No) who was once a Libertarian. Although the movie stresses that neither Republicans or Democrats are going to make any changes away from this type of future government.

As the movie ended, the video then basically calls for people to basically not accept the RFID. Personally, I don't know what I will do. Even more so, I'm interested to see how the administration and media will spin these chips and spin the opinions of the dissenters. I'm wondering if they call them Liberty Chips, Freedom Devices, America Circuits. Or will the government try to hide the fact until everyone has one? I'm curious about how it will all turn out.

My final opinion is that everyone here needs to see this movie. They need to see it not as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist, etc. but see it as a citizen.