Ben Stein of all people got it right

  1. Ben Stein of all people got it right

    The other side considers it a privilege to fight and die for its beliefs. Those on the other side cannot wait to line up to blow themselves up for their vision of heaven. On our side, it’s: “Let the other poor sap do it. I’ve got to make money.” How can we fight this fight with the brightest and best educated rushing off and working night and day to do private equity deals and derivatives trading? How can we fight this fight with the ruling class absent by its own sweet leave?

    I keep thinking, again, that if Israel, with its back to the sea, cannot muster the will to fight in a big way, then the fat, faraway U.S.A. will never be able to do it. I keep saying this and it terrifies me.

    We’re in a war with people who want to kill us all and wreck our civilization. They’re taking it very seriously. We, on the other hand, are worrying about leveraged buyouts and special dividends and how much junk debt the newly formed private entity can support before we sell it to the ultimate sucker, the public shareholder.

    We’re worrying whether Hollywood will forgive Mel Gibson and what the next move is for big homes in East Hampton. We’re rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The terrorists are the iceberg.

    WHAT stands between us and the iceberg are the miraculously brave men and women of the armed forces. They’re heroes and saints as far as I’m concerned. But can they do it without the rest of us? Can they do it while we’re all working on our tans and trying to have our taxes lowered again? How can we leave them out there all alone to die for us when we treat the war to save civilization as something we can just wish away?

  2. Good article from a very smart man. He always blew my mind @ Win Ben Steins money...the real deal.

  3. Hell, not only that the fighting men and women stand alone, we have god damned bleeding heart libtards, treacherous ACLU and perverted political hacks, working hand in hand, to stab these men and women in the back, while giving aid and comfort to terrorist scum.
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  5. Good post, and without getting to deep into the subject because I'm pretty far out on the Right, I agree 100%. It's unfortunate that for a lot of people this war will not become a reality until it hits home again.



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