California Man Revealed as al Qaeda Leader

  1. California Man Revealed as al Qaeda Leader

    For the first time, a former Orange County, Calif. teenage rock music fan has revealed his role as a top al Qaeda leader.

    Adam Gadahn, who disappeared from California seven years ago, appeared unmasked on an al Qaeda tape made public on the internet today.

    As previously reported by ABC News, the FBI had concluded that the masked man was Gadahn based on voice analysis of previous al Qaeda tapes. On today's tape, Gadahn is bearded, wearing a turban.

    He denounces U.S. soldiers in Iraq and their alleged murder and rapes of Iraqi citizens.

    "Who are the real terrorists?" Gadahn asks.

    When referring to the alleged atrocities committed by U.S. Marines in Iraq, Gadahn also says, "It's hard to imagine that any compassionate person could see pictures...and not want to go on a shooting spree at the Marines' housing facilities at Camp Pendleton."

    Camp Pendleton is located just south of where Gadahn grew up in California.

    There was no immediate response from Gadahn's family, which still lives in California. They had previously denied he was the masked figure on al Qaeda tapes.

  2. I feel sorry for the parents. It's got to be difficult having a child that's such a Loser. I highly doubt he's very high up on the food chain in the orgranization but who knows. Is al Queerda the same as the mafia? i.e. you have to be a natural born full blooded Iraqqian to be "made" ?

  3. They need to torch this mother****er just like they do all the others.


  4. Another John Walker Lindh, let the bastard rot in Pelican Bay or Joliet if we ever catch him

  5. So, now we know what JBlaze does when he's not here on AM....

  6. Thats ****ing ****ed up man...really feel for the parents and siblings.
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  7. Every islamic fundamentalist should be dragged out into a field and shot in the head repeatedly, and then burned. enough of this religious Sh!t, we live in a world too diverse and too complicated to put up with some backward fundamentalists telling everyone how to live their lives, based on a 1500 year old storybook nonetheless.

    if you want to worhsip "allah" go for it. if you want to bomb buildings because you dont agree with another people's way of life on a religious basis then we have a solution for that. its called bombing the **** out of your backward a$$ country until you are all dead.

    the islamic vs jew vs christian BS has been going on since the crusades. Enough is enough.

  8. hell yeah jomi882!


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