Hadji Girl - is it just a song?

  1. Hadji Girl - is it just a song?

    Hadji Girl

    What's your opinion on this?

    This is the Pentagons opinion.

  2. how i wish that same islamic society would speak out against the little singing they do against america and the western world when they.. uhmm.. pray! lol.

    Vid seems a bit fishy to me

  3. Yeah not sure where the vid was shot and by whom, but I think it raises a question on the attitude a marine/soldier is allowed to have and to exhibit.

    I am not in those kinds of situations, but my first thought is how frustrating it is to be sent to a war, and to be expected to act as ambassadors.

    Do you want ambassadors holding the guns?

  4. Soldiers and marines need to blow off steam. They are in a high stress environment every day, and every morning they wake up knowing they might not see another day.

    Sometimes soldiers blow off steam by saying ridiculous things, things they do not mean. This has been going on since Roman times. The video means nothing. People take **** so seriously.

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