Bush Gets More Bad News From Iraq

  1. Bush Gets More Bad News From Iraq

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Just when President Bush was trying to accentuate the positive in Iraq and declare a new beginning in the war on terror, a rash of bad news comes from multiple fronts in the global struggleNew details are emerging in the killings of two dozen Iraqi civilians at the hands of Marines. Anti-American protesters are staging riots in Afghanistan after a U.S. military convoy rammed into several civilian cars. And a reported 75 military detainees at Guantanamo Bay are on a hunger strike to protest their continued imprisonment without charges.

    Add the trouble to the continuing daily violence in Iraq _ at least 40 were killed in a series of bombings Monday, including two from a CBS News crew _ and Bush could be in danger of losing even more support for his mission.
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    Everything is always armchair quarterbacked. Politics is a disgusting and amusing business.

  2. hey.. war is hell.. but it is needed every now and again. an angry mob does not a country make.. but if it is all that is reported then i do not blame people to think that it is such a way

  3. The lefties, and USA haters, are trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  4. no matter what the troops do... we already lost the war in the media from day one... so we should just go balls out

  5. Was it 83% or 87% of the journalists vote Democrats?

  6. depends on the poll... but it was 83 the one i took a gander at... i have to find it again

  7. The internet has wrecked the monopoly of the traditional mass media. While the traditional mass media continues on with their thinly veiled political agenda, the journalists can no longer spoon fed the population with their agenda-driven, selective reporting.

    The blogs have, in many ways, returned the power to the people.

  8. Example: http://www.strategypage.com/qnd/iraq.../20060529.aspx

    "...May 29, 2006: There are a number of trends in Iraq that you hear little, or nothing, about in the mass media. For example;

    @ The economy. GDP doubled from 2003 to 2004, and was up double digits in 2005. Inflation and unemployment have both been falling steadily. Yes, the terrorists are still at it, but in the background you will notice all those people going to work, all the new cars and all the new construction. While big companies have stayed away from Iraq, and all those nasty headlines, smaller firms have been more aggressive. Life goes on.

    @ Agriculture. For thousands of years, Iraq was a food exporter. But as oil became a larger part of the economy over the past half century, agriculture declined. Now, for the first time in half a century, Iraq is exporting food. Agriculture has come back big time, mainly because many of the regulations government bureaucrats have piled on farmers for decades, have been eliminated. A farmer can now make a lot of money, growing food in the most productive agriculture land in the region.

    @ Currency Exchange Rates. The Iraqi currency (the dinar) trades in a narrow range, against the dollar, that is controlled by the Iraqi Central Bank. For the last few years, the exchange range has been around 1,470 dinars to the dollar. But the dinar floats against other local currencies (like the Kuwaiti dinar and the Iranian rial), and has gotten stronger against both of those currencies. That's a big deal, as it means that the Iraqi economy is getting stronger, and people, in and out of, Iraq, have confidence in the Iraqi economy, and currency.

    @ U.S. Bases Taken Over by Iraqi Troops. Since last Fall, over fifty U.S. bases have been transferred to Iraqi control. American troops are moving to larger, consolidated, bases out in the countryside. These require fewer troops to defend, and keep U.S. troops out of sight. Iraqi soldiers and police are taking care of security in many areas where American used to do it. This is why you keep hearing reports of plans to pull most American troops out of Iraq in the next 12-18 months.

    @ Refugees. Before the U.S. invaded in 2003, it was believed there might be millions of refugees fleeing Iraq. Didn't happen that way. Over a million people (mostly Sunni Arabs) have fled the country, but that is a relatively recent phenomenon, linked to the growing power of the Shia dominated government, and the fear of retribution for decades of atrocities against Kurds and Shia Arabs. More surprising has been the number of refugees returning to Iraq. So far, it's over 1.2 million people, most of the them Kurds and Shia Arabs.

    @ Tourism. The holiest shrines in Shia Islam are in southern Iraq, and in the last three years they have seen a growing flood of pilgrims. Over 12 million so far, and increasing as Shia Moslems kept away by Saddam's police state for decades, make long deferred trips. Some stay longer, mainly religion students. For the last three decades, Shia religious scholars and teachers have been fleeing Iraq for places like Iran. But now there are over 12,000 religion students in southern Iraq, attending hundreds of newly established schools. These pilgrims and students spend a lot of money as well, helping to feed economic growth in the south.

    @ Media. Iraqi has gone from police state, to media madhouse, in three years. Under Saddam, media was tightly controlled. Since Saddam, hundreds of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations have appeared. Talk radio and investigative reporting are all the rage. The gangsters and politicians hate it but, so far, have been unable to stop or control it.

    @ Health and Education. More hospitals and schools are open and operating than ever before.

    @ Democracy. It's thriving, and contrary to popular opinion, it's not an alien concept in Iraq. From the 1920s to the 1950s, Iraq had democracy. A military dictatorship was established in 1958, in the name of progress, and that was the end of democracy. The Baath Party was going to make things so much better, as long as everyone did what they were told. Iraqis are not stupid, and there are older Iraqis who remember the old democracy. Yes, it may have been ramshackle, but compared to Saddam and all that came after 1958, democracy is a lot more popular these days......"

    All yeah, I am sure these are just right wing propaganda, . Nevermind the fact that these are actually what is happening in Iraq.....

  9. Afghanistan.... http://www.strategypage.com/qnd/afgh.../20060524.aspx

    "...Taliban Offensive Shot to Pieces

    May 24, 2006: The last two weeks have seen an ambitious Taliban offensive shot to pieces. As many as a thousand Taliban gunmen, in half a dozen different groups, have passed over the Pakistani border, or been gathered within Afghanistan, and sent off to try and take control of remote villages and districts. The offensive was a major failure, with nearly half the Taliban getting killed, wounded or captured. Afghan and Coalition casualties were much less, although you wouldn't know that from the mass media reports (which made it all look like a Taliban victory). The Taliban faced more mobile opponents, who had better intelligence. UAVs, aircraft and helicopters were used to track down the Taliban, and catch them. Thousands of Afghan troops and police were in action, exposing some of them to ambush, as they drove to new positions through remote areas.

    The Afghan and British governments are both accusing Pakistan of looking the other way as Taliban groups set up shop and openly operate in Pakistani border areas. Pakistan denies this, but anyone who is bold enough to travel to these areas, will see evidence of Taliban presence (including enforcement of conservative Islamic lifestyle practices.) In truth, the Pakistani government has never controlled many areas along the border, and is only now, for the first time in its history, trying to exert control.

    May 23, 2006: In the last week, Afghan and Coalition operations in the south have killed some 300 Taliban, while losing 50 soldiers, police and civilians. In several incidents, Taliban used civilians as human shields, which led to civilian deaths. British and French troops were heavily engaged, including British AH-64 gunships.

    May 21, 2006: Coalition forces found that about a hundred Taliban gunmen were staying at a religious school near Kandahar in southern Afghanistan. Smart bombs hit the school in the middle of the night, but several dozen of the Taliban fled to nearby homes. As Afghan and Coalition forces closed in, the surviving Taliban fired back from nearby homes. So smart bombs were used on the homes as well, which killed about 16 civilians and wounded another twenty. Over 80 Taliban were killed, with no Afghan army or Coalition dead. The Taliban promptly spun their use of civilian homes, as human shields, as a Coalition atrocity. ...."

  10. but if you listen to the mass media, Mullah Omar and Bin Laden are on the verge of entering Kabul, and Saddam is about to be inaugurated in Baghdad....

  11. also, fresh water and electric are running better than pre war iraq

  12. I know some people ignore this man's show but, he has been proven right over 98% of the time by a indy polling agency lol.. but no.. this was just a really interesting call in

    RUSH: We have a call from Iraq from Tallil Air Force Base. Lieutenant Colonel Luke Fitzpatrick somehow got through. Lieutenant Colonel, this is an honor to have you on the phone with us while you're in Iraq -- at any time, actually. Thank you for calling.

    CALLER: Good afternoon, I believe it is your time, Rush, and major dittos here from the sandbox.

    RUSH: Well, thank you, sir. I appreciate that.

    CALLER: I wanted to let you know that you and your cohort, Mr. Hannity, are the only two that I allow to get broadcast across our ready room. The rest of the liberals can go listen on their Walkmans if they so choose.

    RUSH: Are you free to say all this? That's cool.

    CALLER: Yes, I am. Well, what are they going to do, Rush, send me to Iraq?

    RUSH: (laughing)

    CALLER: I mean, honestly. I'm here. I do want to take the time, though, to thank you and everybody else who is back behind us for the support you have given us. This is, let me stress, an all volunteer military. So when you take that into account, all the across-the-aisle bickering as to whether or not we need to be here or not be here, whether we should go home or stay and more force, it really is irrelevant. Every one of us, when we signed the papers, we knew what was going to be asked of us in the worst-case scenario. We are here. We are the best trained standing military force in the world, and I only ask one of two things: either unlock our cage and let us do what we are trained to do better than anyone else in the world, or send us home.
    RUSH: Do you feel you're being --

    CALLER: I'm a single father, Rush. I lost my wife about 15 years ago. I have two children, and I volunteered to come back here because I live and breathe our country. It is not "land of the free and home of the brave." It is land of the free because of the brave.

    RUSH: Profound. That is a profundity, Luke.

    CALLER: And that is something that I think a majority of our listeners, whether or not you sit on the left side or the right side of the aisle, you could pass me in the supermarket, at the gas station paying $3 a gallon --

    RUSH: (Laughing.)

    CALLER: -- and not know whom I was, the sacrifices I've made, nor do I want accolades for that, nor do any of my brethren -- brothers and sisters. And this is the first major conflict where there are women in combat fighting roles. And you can talk all you want about Jessica Lynch, and... That was not a combat role. There are women in combat here today, in Baghdad, in Kut, in Mosul, in Basra, in Yusufia, that hold the same responsibilities and the heavy burden on our shoulders, and I -- it's hard to say, Rush, but it starts to feel like Vietnamization, when we can key into our mainstream media. I happen to be from northern Minnesota.

    RUSH: Say, Lieutenant Colonel Fitzpatrick, can you hang on? I'm really late on the commercial break, and I have to take it.

    CALLER: Absolutely, Rush. Take your time, please, sir.

    RUSH: If you can hang on, I'll be right to you right after this. Don't lose your train of thought there.


    RUSH: And we are back with Lieutenant Colonel Luke Fitzpatrick from Tallil Air Force Base in Iraq. You were talking about the Vietnamization when you key into the Drive-By Media here and watch their reports on what you're doing.
    CALLER: Absolutely, sir. We're just... We're a little concerned as to the fallout, for lack of a better term, of the extended nature of the conflict here -- and we hate to call it a "conflict," because, Rush, somebody shoots at me every night. Every night on combat air patrol, regardless, we get shot at.

    RUSH: Let me tell you something, lieutenant colonel. We know what happened when we left Mogadishu, when we left Somalia with victory in our hands, and Clinton decided to pull out --

    CALLER: He castrated us, Rush.

    RUSH: If we quit in Iraq, we cannot imagine the -- and so a lot of us are sensitive to your concerns with the Drive-By Media. We battle it every day here.

    CALLER: In terms of the drive-by, Rush, I was here originally from Shield. I was the second division applied here from Shield, from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, the Fourth Fighter Wing. I was here from Shield through Storm through Enduring Freedom, now Operation OIF, Iraqi Freedom. The reason I came back is because I felt that the job was not finished, and it's not finished. Yes, we have a standing government, but I get shot at every night. I come home with holes in my airplane, Rush. Granted they're not critical.

    RUSH: What do you fly?

    CALLER: One day it may be, and you will read about me on CNN, and I will be that blurb, and I will show up in that 2600-some-odd casualty figure that the Drive-By Media is obsessed with of how many people have died over here, because we are an all-volunteer force -- and that is the main reason that we called in today. I'm calling in, I just happened to be the mouthpiece for the squadron here, the 336th Tactical Fighter Wing from Seymour Johnson, the Rocketeers. We're an F-15E Strike Eagle squadron. We fly-by-night. Our motto is, "Raining fire from above for the freedom that we love."

    RUSH: Wow. Wow! (Laughing.)

    CALLER: And, you know, a little short of the death-from-above syndrome, but we're here to do a job, and I'm tired of being handcuffed and the guys I command and constantly send into battle every day knowing that they could not come back and I'll have to write that you letter to their significant others, to their moms, to their dads.

    RUSH: Lieutenant colonel, I hate to have to do this. I have to stop you because I'm out of time here, but let me just --

    CALLER: That's fine, Rush.

    RUSH: Thank you so much. You have made the program today. You have brought tears to people's eyes. I've been reading e-mail from them about it, and just know that everybody in this audience and the vast majority of the American people, love you and support what you're doing and wish you the best, and thank you.

  13. But.... ah yae yae... Haven't you heard? It's all just war mongering propaganda of the right wing conspiracy!!

  14. Take each event on its own. The fact remains, we have on our hands a My Lai of Iraq.

  15. this is nothing like My Lai whatsoever. More than 500 people were killed in just hours. Some of the corpses were mutilated. Some women who weren't killed were gang-raped. Other villagers were beaten and tortured.

    BUT if there was any wrong doing those marines should get nailed for it.. if by chance everyone in the group was innocent then god help those marines.. but as from the reports, even from the left, it says that women and mostly children were point men for these milita's.. running out.. counting how many troops are heading down the road.. taking candy.. then going back to tell mom and dad jihad where to shoot the RPG and place IED's. They are even putting suicide vests on kids and making them run out to greet our infidel butts... War is war and if our troops come to someone or something that the feel is hostile... SHOOT THEM.. and if they are using children and women as covers, in the war, for the war.. then they are going to suffer the slings and arrows of war.. when the United States figured out that Japan would NEVER stop attacking and would use every last person in the nation to do so, we dropped two bombs that caused more "innocent" deaths than in what i understand to be any other air strike by the US. America has won the battles of Iraq, won the mission, but because of people like Murtha and the leftist media that suckels on his tits of misinformation we have lost... if so.. daisy cut the area as we should have done at the start with "shock and errrr awe?" But we didn't.. because for some G-darn reason the other america gave the president the ability to go to war.. but.. oh.. just not kill anyone.. thanks...so here we sit.. watching the media jerk off to a body count of a military, the best military, that is made up of people who wish to be in the military under no government pressure... god forbid we try to do anything to protect our troops.. every time we do it takes the media off its stroke and god oh god they just want to ejaculate at 3,000 dead. If these people actually held in their heart, what they say on TV they would let the military do what it must do to better the country of Iraq. But they only give a flying F about our troops death toll, because thats shows how weak we are.. how we are losing... you never hear much of anything about the milita's death tolls, or even better how many innocent Iraqi's are killed by said militias.. you never will.. that would give credit to our actions in Iraq.... as much as i dislike GW's anti-conservative republicanism.. i do like that he doesn't listen to any of the "polls"... clinton ( and i only use this example because he was the last president) he pulled our toops out of a conflict that we had in the bag! WON.. but because a solder was being dragged through the streets from a chopper that was shot down.. OH NO! PULL OUT PULL OUT! that single act chopped the balls off of our military and allowed for these terrorist attacks.. if Bush has learned anything from his step brother Billy, you give the media the finger for they are not the 4th branch of government... and you fight to win. I put this blame all on Bush I ... we should hever never left after Storm/Shield

  16. Preach on, bro!

    There is a term for this. It is called lawfare. The enemies make use of our legal system to advance what they cannot achieve on the battlefield. So,they use our system to tie the hands of our troops, and they have a horde of eager accomplice, ie the leftists, the fools(aka idealists), the USA haters, to enthusiastically work their case on their behalf.

    Al Qaeda makes no secret about this. Media warfare is a large part of their overall strategy. The terrorists know very well about our domestic/international suckers cum traitors, who eagerly jump at every chance to harm our own troops.

    Even if a dozen civilians perished, that is nothing compared to daily actrocity perpetrated by the terrorists. No we don't excuse such transggression. The incident is being investigated and those responsible will be held accountable.

    How does this compare to the terrrorist's approach? Oh yeah, that's right. They follow on with continuous mass slaughter of civilians everday. And the outburst of condemnation against the terrorists' atrocity is certainly thunderous.


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