Loving the "peaceful" immigration protests...

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by klugman
    F*ck the Indians!!!

    I'm so sick of people whining about them.

    What about my people..the Celts??? They lived originally in the Rhine valley and got pushed out by the bloodthirsty Germanic tribes and later the Romans.

    The Celts got chased to Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

    Nobody cries for them! Why, cause they were white???

    Where are my reperations???
    While I can't wholly buy into the "f@#$ the Indians bit (and I know you're not being entirely serious when you say that), I do think it's less than relevant to this argument. You'd have a very hard time trying to get anything done or recognizing any one nation if you let that kind of reasoning into the argument.

    Yes, "we" took the lives and land of indigenous Americans, and so the Romans took the lives and lands of all of Europe. So with the Greeks. As Klugman mentions, so with the Germanic tribes. On several occasions, be it the Vandals or the Visigoths, who ran out the Romans . So with the any nation state in existence, including those Indian nations that we conquered (many of which were, of course, founded by warfare against other Indian nations). War and conquest have been and continue to be the determinant of national borders. That a nation acquired land through war doesn't mean we discount the rule of law of the world's nations.

    If one cannot control one's borders and the populace, there exists the possibility that populations will begin flecking off or that others will enter, conquer, and divide. See Lebanon or Papua New Guinea for more recent examples.

    What is relevant is our nation, its laws at the present moment, and our national security. As is our nation's past a lens through which we understand the above.

    Note the borders of the below photo from yesterday's rally:

    We can do better than this. There are many more Mexicans and other foreign-born indivduals who will make better Americans than this.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jonathon
    What is wrong with what they are doing? The country was founded on immigration. Most of us would not be here had there been the "great" federal gov't we have now. People protest; The Million Man March? What was that about anyway? I agree it should be done legally, but is what most of us put in our bodies, "legal"? I support them. If I had a family to support and lived in Mexico, my ass would be coming here. If they come here to work, let them in, just don't sit on your ass!
    I thought that this country was founded by rich tobacco farmers and merchants that did not want to pay taxes to the King of England?

    I think that a commercial solution is the best idea. If the mexican economy was more stable, it could support more people. It may be time to forgo culture and adopt a USA-like capitalist consumer culture.
    Although, now that they are legalizing drugs there may be a reverse migration!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by anabolicrhino
    Although, now that they are legalizing drugs there may be a reverse migration!
    At least a lot of strategically planned vacations.

    In the end this isn't about immgration. We have an immgration policy and a lot of people have complied with it and become citizens or legal residents. It's about illegal immigration. We are going to have a process for immigration into this country or we won't. If we don't, it's open borders plain and simple. If we do have a process and it's not enforced, it's open borders plain and simple. If we do have a process and it is enforced, those who violate it are here illegally and should be arrested and deported.

    Can the process of immigration be made simpler? Perhaps. Are there people here illegally now that might deserve or have some claim of citizenship in some moral or ethical way? Perhaps. Point being the issues are law and security, not what some people think they have a right to demand after violating a fairly serious set of laws.

    Nothing will be done about this. With all respect to everyone who thinks something can be done, several thousand Americans lost their lives on 9/11, and they were killed by people most of whom overstayed their visas and who were here illegally and should have been deported, much less let into the country to begin with. If that doesn't jump start the government to do something, nothing will. It also shows quite plainly that in the end the government doesn't give two ****s about what's supposed to be its primary responsibility: ensuring the safety of its citizens against aggression by others.

    The laws may change slightly, the situation won't.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER
    My wife is a LEGAL immigrant and she is so freaking ticked off at the illegals she wants to start a anti rally lol

    She wants to move to TX to be a volunteer minuteman. She said Americans just do NOT understand how this country is going to be ruined. She saw it happen to her country over the past 30 years and said the US is next unless we get our act together and stop it.


    Same with my wife she is a LEGAL Latino imagrant and hates these illegals and thier ant-Amiercan protest. We need immigrants that assimilate into our society not immigrants trying to bring their society to our country. Beside these people are ILLEGAL! They are not citizens and should be kicked out. They piss all over everything Americans have worked hard for, they take over public services and abuse the system.


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