HEHE ****'s Request

  1. HEHE ****'s Request

  2. come on.. **** is not bad when it is a name... FINE RICHARD!

  3. They left one thing out. I heard he likes to have an old man around so he can shoot him in the face.

  4. Im not sure of the point of this thread. Some of the requests are weird like all tv's to fox news (obviously we all know why), but other than that I dont see anything outrageous here, or maybe I missed something?

  5. the point of this thread is to give a slice of life in the day/night of an american vice president. Its not meant to be funny, to be ragging, or anything.. here it is..

    people can either take it for what it is.. or be like CNN and make a half hour show off how the VP wanting ALL the lights turned ON! OMG!!! lol..

    this is all pretty much simple stuff when you are a person of power, and whos whole day is accounted via the minute...



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