Any other members read LGF

  1. Any other members read LGF

    For those that are not of the liberal persuasion might enjoy the tone at

    Some of the more intelligent interpretations of politics these days.

    I also love VDH

  2. just because one agrees with it, doesn't make it intelligent. Its half truth, guessing websites and media like that, that had me flip flop my political views from Democrat to less Democrat... but they do have some interesting fiction there.. more so on how we blew up our own towers during 9-11 because the fell down not over...

  3. This website does not have any such stories about the twin towers (barring satire), perhaps you are thinking of another. Please tell me where in my post I said I agree with it (there is no ONE website that somebody, apart from a fool, could "agree" with) and decided, as such, that it must be intelligent.

    What I do "agree" with is a rational analysis of events and situations, regardless of my agreement-or lack thereof-with the conclusions that are reached.

  4. "...The least we can do is to disseminate the knowledge, so that more and more people will come to know the truth and insha Allah, one day, the real perpetrators may be caught. To my great distress, I find the vast majority of Muslims continue to believe the US administration’s 911 story. They are then taken by surprise when they see the facts presented in these documentaries – for example the BBC documentary (listed below) proves that Al-Qaeda is a non-existent, phantom, imaginary enemy, invented by the Neo-cons, and, the documentary “In Plane Site” proves that the Pentagon was NOT hit by a 747 and so on. These documentaries also ask numerous questions on the US Administration’s 911 story, to which no answers have been provided by the government."

    "Brothers and sisters, let us make this our personal jihad – the jihad of Education. I have spent hundreds of hours collecting valuable data, learned the computer programs which helps me produce DVDs using such data, editing, and putting them together, so that others don’t have to spend so much time to get these information."

    From Little Green Footballs "Religion of 9/11"

    I don't see much of satire in this one.. i could be wrong..

    as for you saying agree.. you didn't... more of an overall ejaculation of an idea in my mind.

  5. I don't get that place. All it does it post up news stories and make vague references. Who can't do that?

    I became a little more liberal just to spite that blog.

  6. lgf is the journal of record for the continuing jihad that we infidels are facing. great stuff. a must read for people who are trying to live in the real world.

  7. Pround to be an infidel

    but maybe i should switch to their form of islam... i heard its da BOMB

  8. That was a quote from one of hairbrained conspiracy sites. They quoted it to show what loonies are out there not as an applause to an inspiring insight. Inclusion does not equal agreement, which is what I was saying in my last post.


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