Poll: civil war in iraq?

Civil war in Iraq?

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  1. websters dictonary actually lol and yes.. it was one of the 4 deff. that i agree with more ;-).. and yes it was the political deffinition. not the sociological..

    i do agree with this deffinition.. it just makes sense... i wouldn't say that Iraq is going through a civil war at all.. because of the lack of the second recognized power structure.. i will say that.. iraq is in a state of small scale un orginized revolution.. that is back by an outside force. Both of which.. are bad. I would rather a civil war...

    thanks for the responce for the first question though... i agree 100% that we never differentiated ourselves from these other occupiers... and i think to win in the middle east. .we have to do just that. We have done and are still doing so in post ww2 Europe and i feel we can again here... I just see alot of things falling into place through all the smoke.. The realationship with India is huge... thus said relationship will help liberalize their neighbors into a more free society.. market, press etc... and the more free nations are.. the less they war with other nations that are cut from the same cloth. The want and drive for international economic respect is too great. Everyone, when given the chance.. wants vanilla coke, or pepsi, or 9 different kinds of cookies, or things along those lines.... choice brings calm.. calm isn't good for the thinking mind, but it is sure good for the living body.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by CDB
    No doubt. But me being generally conservative I have more fun pointing out the foibles of Democrats than Republicans.
    Same here...the dems are much more fun to poke fun at.



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