Bill Clinton Has Been Behind Dubai Deal

  1. Bill Clinton Has Been Behind Dubai Deal

    Clinton has been the man behind the Dubai port deal ( just goes to show how political differences are only for show) Clinton has been the person that coaches the Dubai port opperators and thusly was behind the 45 day waiting period. Big money is behind this deal. And the that bought in are not only the President and Bird Shot ****, but also the whole of Bill Clinton's circle of political friends... this is NOT at all an issue, what is in is an issue is Hillary...

    What is it that Hillary and the Democrats say about George W. Bush? 'How could he not have known about the ports deal until it happened?' Well, how in the world could Hillary not know that her husband was paid hundreds of thousands-- if not millions-- as a consultant to Dubai

    This first Ex-Wife to all american men is more and more out of place in government and useless than ever!

  2. Isn't it funny how politicians can't seem to get out of each others way...and these two are married (at least on paper).

    It will be interesting to see how much this stuff comes back to haunt her (if at all) in her bid for the Democratic nomination for President.

  3. Hillary will never win. She causes zealous anger in Reps and Dems, including swing voters, in general find her unappealing.

    Bill made some serious bank consulting on this deal..about $500K and like a good consultant he has no problem taking money from a project that was doomed from the get-go.

    The Reps however are making a terrible PR mistake by sticking to this deal so adamantly.

  4. Bill never did any paper work that would allow himself to be a consultant. In a few weeks.. a congress person is going to submit for an investigation regarding his shadow actions.. He has pocketed over 1 million as reported by the nations he had either spoken to, and helped with the deal

  5. One doesn't need "paperwork" to be a consultant. I am one and all you need is a standard business license. The accusation smells of spin.

  6. no there is an actual application to the process of doing work like this. Carter had to do it and Bob Dole... I am sure it nothing big but it just gives better infomation on how much they need to get taxed.. which is prob ignored anyway

  7. i just love how hillary says, " i didnt know bill said that, or did this" etc......


    as far as hillary becoming president is concerned, i know shes a freakin nutcase, but i've looked around and a good deal of people seem to like her, including poli sci teachers and alot of "demoncrats", but these people that i know of, really dont seem to know much of anything except what the hear in the media..... (with the exceptionof my old poli sci teacher)

    oh and about the bathing suit issue bp, i dont know much else to tell you. just as with most things, you get what yoiu pay for

  8. they just ran a poll of NY dems that will vote America's ex wife back into her seat in 06.. but those same people will not vote for her.

    And something you said exper. the clapping thing about bush/repubs.

    I am not a Bush republican, i wouldn't even call myself a republican.. maybe just a conservative any way... ( too much spending for my taste) so i support him on a number of things.. but not nearly as much as most of the cool aid drinking who buy into everything he said, as well as the clinton cool aid drinkers... but i have been watching this guy play a great political game right out out of the Gipper's play book. I seen have the Liberal left laugh and claps of how dumb Bush is.. but i then see Bush and his party roll over and over the likes of Clinton, Kennedy, Kerry etc.. Schumer.. only to have them come out licking their own mudd off their face saying " he tricked us"

    If he is dumb.. man.. he is one lucky son of a *****.

    EDIT: aww come on how can ***** be not allowed!

    EDIT EDIT: how about **** can i say ****?

  9. I've often pondered whether Bush is as dumb as he sounds or if he is "dumb like a fox". I think the truth is in the middle as I can't see any evidence of him having any sort of say in foreign policy, economic policy interests et cetera in his short time as a politician prior to the presidency.

    I am convinced he is surrounded by brilliant, albeit less than scrupulous, political tacticians such as Rove, Wolfowitz and Pearl. These people are brilliant at manipulating all the angles..the press..the opposition..the public. They are virtually undefeatable in a one on one situation.

    The Dems honestly don't have a chance, particularly since they now have the "anti-war" message which is easily defeatable with just a few tugs of people's heartstrings and their pride.

    Now that Clinton's money deal is in the public eye, I'm sure he will hurry up and disclose his earnings. The man is a masterful tactician in his own right and he will not jeopardize his wife's bid for office. I'll bet he was waiting to see if his actions would be noticed before he filed his papers. Filing them would probably alert the media to what he was doing.

  10. I think he wants to mess up her ability to go to the white house. I really think he has a problem with it.. i have nothing to back that up with but.. i have seen the two in public.. together.. reminds me of my parents... and they HATE each other and act the same way

  11. I can see that. They never get close to each other. Their body language tells it's a marriage of convenience. Chelsey has always been tight-lipped about their relationship.

    I do think that Bill would prefer she get elected so he can be at least close to the limelight again. Just my conspiracy theory, lol.

  12. Bush isn't very smart. Karl Rove gave Bush a crash course in National Politics in 2000. However, Bush is surrounded by some of the best and brightest the business world has to offer. Rove is definitely the string puller and Bush is just a marionette.

    Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Rove, etc. are all smart people who know how to play the public at large. The only reason why all these cracks and leaks keep happening is because of guys like Tom DeLay who are smart but not Rove or Rice smart. So they screw things up and leave a window into the inner workings of the administration, barely. There's been 3700 provisions in 2004 that got passed without any actual votes. Who knows what the **** is actually going on in Washington D.C.

    It also doesn't shock me that Clinton is behind this too. He's a snake who plays his cornfed routine to divert people's attention away from his intent. Bill doesn't give a **** about Hillary because they probably don't really care for each other. They probably did, back in the day but eight years of Presidential rule, six years of the Senate, and a slipshod attempt to hide from running for the Presidency probably killed whatever love they had for each other.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Bill tried to torpedo Hillary because that means Bill will be under the microscope...again. Hillary is a direct threat to what he wants to achieve. Clinton talked about being the Secretary General of the UN. I don't know if he's still planning on running for that but if he is, then Hillary is an enemy.

  13. I think Bob Dole got hired as a "consultant" for this company also.

  14. The funniest thing to me about the Dubai deal, is how all these people are making a huge deal about it now, when in fact most of our ports have been run by internationally owned companies since George Bush senior was in office.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by bioman

    I do think that Bill would prefer she get elected so he can be at least close to the limelight again. Just my conspiracy theory, lol.
    i have to agree with you seems that he loves the attention more than anything......

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Drew1200
    The funniest thing to me about the Dubai deal, is how all these people are making a huge deal about it now, when in fact most of our ports have been run by internationally owned companies since George Bush senior was in office.
    i'll admit that i dont know too much about port deals that happened before this one so.... inform me

    in general what kinds of internationally owned companies owned our ports before? besides britain....

    i think all the hus and fuss is about how the ports might me run by an arab based country...but as i mentioned before.... i dont really know much about port ownership history...

  17. Quote Originally Posted by brogers
    I think Bob Dole got hired as a "consultant" for this company also.

    he might have.. but bob dole has filed all the needed paper work and gone through the process which gives him the right to be such of a consultant to non-domestic bodies seeking to buy into our system

  18. no one really ownes the ports exactly.. Its more like.. they pay money to deal with all the paper work that comes with it. But china owns the ports on the west side of the USA ( that was a big issue for bill when he made them favorite nation status) .. yes this british company owned them, but they were many Saudi's whom worked for them.

    The real threat comes from the port of departure.. and those no one really can control expect for the nation housing them. to deny these 6 ports was a very knee jerk move.. and you will see the press start to explain who these people are who wish to run them... and then a back lash will follow...


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