do you pay off your credit card each month?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by anabolicrhino
    I have heard the hot transaction method is retail gift cards! I'll trade you a $50 Macy's and a $100 Bed Bath and Beyond for some of that plutonium

  2. Homeland security has almost got out of hand imo

  3. we should talk to bobo about having that at the anabolic minds store

  4. two more months and i am out of debt! i messed my self up in college... too much credit.. too many supps, not enough income
    Hell bro I'm 30 and Im STILL paying off the CC's I ran up in college


  5. i don't think i have spent 200 bucks a month on pleasure things.... i have taken one pay check per month and just paid down debt... how democrat of me right... but anyway... i did the math and if i were to pay the minimum on 10,000 i wouldn't have paid it off for 33 years.

  6. I doubt this is true. I've paid off my credit card in full 3 times in the the last year and each time it was over $10,000 in balance (bought furniture with the house and got the points as was a strategic move). What I do know is that wire transfers are scrutnized much more than before, bank checks often can't be cleared or cashed on the spot (used to be able too). If anything with large amounts of money there could be a 24-48 hour delay but I don't think there is any list. I've seen a list of what the new act has done with my title company as the amounts of money that go back and forth between them and escrow accounts is enormous. I havne't seen anything that would indicate a list at all.

    The credit card companies however have all sorts of flags and I've heard some pretty strange excuses why they do things.
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