Closed 'Net in China: Workaround found

  1. Closed 'Net in China: Workaround found

    I find this is pretty kick-ass that people are finding ways to let the information flow around even though their governments try to stifle access to information:

    Canadian barbarians invade China’s Great Firewall

    Cry Freedom

    By Nick Farrell: Thursday 16 February 2006, 08:10

    THE UNIVERSITY of Toronto has worked out a way to help those trapped behind the blocking and filtering systems set up by restrictive governments. The system is designed to disable the Great Firewall of China and prevent countries running repressive control over the net ever succeeding.
    The software known as Psiphon overcomes one of the main problems of using anti-filter programs. If a user is found by authorities, they can discover everything that a user has been up too.
    However Psiphon does not leave footprints on computers. It gives monitored computer users a way to send an encrypted request for information to a computer located in a secure country. When the computer finds the information it sends it back encrypted.
    It enters users' machines through computer port 443, which is designed to transport secure data for banking. If China wanted to close this avenue down, it would also have to shut off a lot of its foreign electronic banking operations.
    The downside is that the user has to know someone in the safe country to help them set up a proxy and give them a username and password.
    The program will be released at the international congress of the free-speech group PEN in May.
    More at Globe and Mail. µ


  2. This is also how you can get around a firewall at work if they have the standard google chat port disabled.

    Since google chat is now integrated into gmail, you just go to the the https:// url instead of the normal http: one, and voila, googlechat works like a charm.

    443 and 21 are typically found to be unblocked on most networks.

  3. Nice! I welcome our Chinese brothers to the Information Age...again.

  4. that is really cool

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