End Prohibition

  1. End Prohibition

    I thought this was an excellent article regarding our failed War on Drugs.


  2. it hasn't failed at all... there is lots of money being made in trying to rid the world of CDS ... and thats the plan

  3. This was an awesome post. I just had to add that

  4. 148 BILLION dollars in 2002 to get what done? Nothing.

    Figure this....

    How much will it cost to feed 1 person for a year. I'll say, just so no one objects, a Million dollars. Even with that in mind, we could feed 148000 people, instead we need to lock up people for nothing. They havent committed a crime, because as I understand it, a crime is something you do agains a person/people, drug users dont do anything to anyone.

  5. good read, thanks for sharing.

  6. Dont wan to steal the thread, but...

    Beelzebub that signature is classic.

  7. I agree, solid post.

  8. I'm someone who "fought the war on drugs" whatever the hell that is.I can tell you that tthe war will never be won when there are government officals lining their pockets with that money. We couldn't go into certain areas to do what had to be done so I never volunteered to go back. I now know how a lot of Vietnam vets felt about the way that war was run. There's too damned much money changing hands for this to ever end in my opinion.


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