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  1. Quote Originally Posted by davisville64
    I think lincoln was better than him. Freed slaves and won civil war.
    Lincoln also had a great amount of influence in CAUSING the civil war in the first place.

  2. Many people still don't realize that yes he did free the slaves because of the North's victory over the South but his initial intentions was not to free the slaves. Plus many of his policies actually extended the civil war.

    He allowed trains to cross over to the south and west to transport medicines, food rations, ammo, supplies to troops in the south when he could have easily strangled them within the first 2 years of the war.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by davisville64
    I think lincoln was better than him. Freed slaves and won civil war.
    Lincoln wasn't all that keen on freeing the slaves. Believe me, Lincoln did not play the role of emancipator willingly, he was forced into the role. Lincoln himself believed that peaceful coexistence between newly freed blacks and whites would be impossible. Lincoln was a good man, and a good president, but as with many things you only really hear the side of the story that people want you to hear.

  4. but as with many things you only really hear the side of the story that people want you to hear.
    Now that's exactly the point I like to make.

    The opinions you just expressed can be explained in one word: "brainwashing."
    Are you sure this does not apply to the opinions YOU are expressing? They would seem to be the more popular (mis)conception.

    Claiming that FDR's policies extended the Depression is beyond ridiculous. He put millions of people to work.
    LOL Yes, you will go on to make all of my points for me. FDR put the people to work- for the government, as in a communist state. I'll quote another writer on the subject:
    "U.S. Population (1935)...120,000,000
    46,000,000 Eligible for Old Age Pension
    30,000,000 Children prohibited from working
    30,000,000 Government employees
    13,999,998 Unemployed

    Left to produce U.S. wealth = 2
    Just you and me - and I'm all worn out!"

    The cold hard truth is that if you compare what FDR did and tried to do to the goals of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto (Yes, I've read it, have you?), they match up so perfectly that it is hard to imagine that a capitalist interest could possibly have been involved in Roosevelt's thinking.

    "In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property." - Karl Marx

    As you see above, 30,000,000 government workers. FDR shut down the national banking system, with no intention of ever reviving it. He devised unconstitutional government institutions such as the NRA and AAA. When the Supreme Court kept trying to declare his acts unconstitutional, he attempted to pack the court with extra judges who would give him a majority. He did everything possible to prevent the American economy from recovering.

    "The Washington administration has waged so ruthless a war on private enterprise that the actually...leading the world back into the trough of depression." - Winston Churchill, 1937

    FDR's New Deal failed so miserably that a New New Deal had to be struck. He had broken every campaign promise... to make the country financially solvent, to improve conditions for the working man, to reduce the unemployment and public assistance rate. "Herbert Hoover, 1928 Democrat Presidential Nominee Alfred E. Smith, and the 1924 Democrat Presidential Nominee John Davis all called the New Deal communistic."

    Although any Google search on "FDR Communist" will provide thousands of results, here is one page which does a good job compiling a large amount of information on the subject:

    Although there is some speculation involved, much of this is easily researchable fact, and even 1/10 of it being true is enough to debunk FDR as at the very best and most sympathetic a confused, second-rate intellectual with outlandish and unrealistic plans and at worst a communist, friend to Stalin and traitor to the United States.

    Believing FDR to be a great president is one of those myths that government believes best to keep Americans in the dark about, like how Rosa Parks was instructed to resist sitting in the back of the bus in order to be arrested and thus spark a national outrage, or how the U.S. is notorious for supporting brutal dictators and later turning on them, such as the case of Saddam Hussein, or terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden, both of whom we have secretly supplied arms and aid to in the past. However hard it is to believe that this great country can have such a turbulent and scandalous history, ignoring that past is just what makes recurrence of such injustices possible.

  5. Give me time you guys and I will respond to these accusations and allegations of FDR. Just got a copy of the Warm Springs HBO movie about FDR. Plan to watch that soon. Will do some research on history and others.


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