The Liberal party of Canada, what do they have to do to be kicked out by Ontario?

  1. The Liberal party of Canada, what do they have to do to be kicked out by Ontario?

    As a western Canadian, or Albertan to be more precise, I've been following Canadian politics with great interest lately, in particular the Gomery enquiry. This to me is a disgusting tale of corruption, shady dealings, and outright theft. I truly hope all those involved end up spending due time in federal prison where they belong.

    I am quite interested in an Eastern Canadian perspective on this issue, as my greatest exposure to this whole mess is very right wing slanted, in the form of western newspapers. I fail to understand how polls in Ontario can be swinging back towards the liberal party. This is quite likely the most staggering example of corruption in the history of Canadian politics, and the idea that the party responsible for this may be handed another term boggles my mind.

    What is the reason for the fear of change in the Eastern half of the country? From a western perspective it appears that votes are simply being bought, with the recent 4 billion dollar addition to the budget in the partnership with the NDP (oh the joys of socialism in the form of an NDP budget just tickles me pink).

    Here is my final question, just what is it going to take for the Liberal party of Canada to get the boot from the Eastern half of the country, particularly Ontario? Quebec is pretty much guaranteed to vote Bloc, so the deciding factor in who forms the government is how Ontario votes. If stealing tax dollars, appointing judges to avoid prosecution, raqueteering, extortion and other such activities aren't justification for a new government being voted in, then this country as we know it may not be in existence much longer, as there are strong separtist sentiments growing in Alberta, not to mention Quebec as well.

  2. I'd like to respond but your avatar has hypnotized me. ty.........

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