Islam map

  1. Then check this map out:
    (It's the best I could find on a "radical Christian" view of the world, although there are worse maps out there)

    Don't let the words of the misguided few shape a view of the many. Neither map respects the religions they claim to represent.

  2. Few years ago, i heard that Islam was the fastest grwing religon in the world, i dont know if that true anymore after 9/11.

  3. The attacks of September 11th did little to slow the growth of Islam:

    This is not odd, considering 99.9% of Muslims condemned the attacks. The 0.1% that supported it were the ones broadcast all over Fox, CNN, and MSNBC.

    In terms of it being the fastest growing religion in the world, it depends on where you get your numbers from, but most statistics show it still is.

  4. It's an easy religion to institute. It comes with preset guidlines of government, home life, etc, etc. It's very structured.

    Mohammad was a smart man. Although, I've done a bit of research the beginnings of Islam lately, and there were some funny things (I think he was insane.)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    Although, I've done a bit of research the beginnings of Islam lately, and there were some funny things (I think he was insane.)
    I've seen the evidence purporting this, and I think it is highly questionable. Nonetheless, you are entitled to your opinion.

  6. I'm sure there is plenty of evidence supporting the opposite. That's just the conclusion I came to. Understandable

  7. Quote Originally Posted by size
    How ridiculous. I'm speechless. I really am.

  8. It will never happen... as long as we stay a free market economy that thrives on christmas sales it will not happen. the great thing about the christian religion.. it was able to take the " gods" of the other religion that it would replace and turn them into saints or something to that affect thus keeping the population at peace with this new lord "jesus h christ" best example would be for most of the early south american religions that did not have a name for the "unseen god" and so these crazy new people come in and say... no no we are not trying to take your gods away from you.. we just know the name of you unseen god... its Jesus...

    i do not think islam has that flexibility

    also.. the one world government has found that the best way to control the people is to let them have a choice over 39029303 different kinds if fried foods... the little things... the little things keep the people down because they are happy...


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