Worlds smallest political quiz

  1. Quote Originally Posted by AgnosticFront
    Libertarian, answered yes to all

  2. I was Libetarian, but I already knew that.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lozgod
    I was Libetarian, but I already knew that.
    Same here

  4. I am a Libertarian too, but to be blunt the quiz is phrased such that people will be inclined to answer in Libertarian terms. Phrase the questions differently and people who registered Libertarian on their last pass will register something different werethey to take it again.

  5. Liberal.

    Your PERSONAL issues Score is 100%.
    Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 30%.
  6. centrist


    "middle of the road politically"

    pretty much sums me up.

  7. i agree that this quiz is "loaded" to make people seem closer to libertarian than they are

    i also should note it does not even mention national security. the Libertarian party is VERY isolationist, whereas libertarians (small "l") need not be

    regardless, the test is loaded in the way they ask the questions. i agree

    i tend to be a right moderate with libertarian tendencies, but the test shows me as a solid libertarian, leaning left, which is absurd to anybody who knows me

  8. i dont know... it seems to be geared toward centrist... its like every other person that takes it is centrist. maybe half the country doesnt know what to do? but yeah. the questions are subjective, they change them every month or so it seems...


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