If Romney gets elected..

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  1. nothing wrong with being homophobic, just like there's nothing wrong with liking them.. you can't judge someone for judging!
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    I also love how you misconstrued morals and want for natural perpetuation of the human race into homophobia.
    not wanting others to have the same rights as you is racist actually even if it is religious. it is homophobic and to be honest there are 6 billion people in the world and still growing, starvation runs rampant and housing cant keep up causing us to tear down more than 70 % of the worlds forest to develop housing. the human race will survive if we let a few gay people ****ing marry that argument is just plain stupid.

    my point is proven like this, Muslims can only marry muslims and all other religions are wrong. if this is the case then christians shouldnt be allowed to marry and only muslims should be able to marry since their holy book says they are right. your whole 'its religious freedom' is crap you aren't having any rights taken away meanwhile plenty of gay parents are

    also heres another statistic, over half of marriages end in divorce today with the number rising, i highly doubt gay couples who are faithful and devout will reallly ruin the sanctity of marriage, Vegas already did that.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gregg1494 View Post
    Could some one give me reasons why they don't want romney as president, because i still don't get how obama is better.
    well compared to bush their both better... now if only Ron Paul had a shot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stroke UR Ego View Post
    You're somewhat homophobic ? also I don't agree how religion can effect law.

    I'm not an Atheist nor Satanist (I have my own separate-non infectious beliefs) but you Christian/Islamic etc. folks are beyond a pathetic level of stupidity/insanity, Insignificant by-products such as yourself should be killed, in the billions sadly.

    From your idiotic opinion, you clearly still live in you're narrow minded, dream world.

    You are as equivalent to a racist.. Do you also hate black people ?

    Probably get banned for this due to severe butt-hurt burdened upon a parasitic admin. (Big words todays AM users, but I somewhat destroy people that disagree or criticise) So I leave you with this...

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    @ALL - Understand something and understand it well.

    You can communicate your disagreements as intellignetly and passionately as you desire to. There is a slew of you newcomers here who believe it is OK to name call and attack someone who does not agree with you or has a differing opinion. As soon as you start attacking and calling others names your are done. I hope I made myself clear. This applies to all of you.
    We live in a time where our planet suffers from two epidemics simultaneously - starvation and obesity.

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