Could a guy like this become President?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Funny Monkey
    Ok I am going to start off saying that ifi you havent read the Bible cover to cover than you really can't claim to know what I believe in. My religion does not tell me what to believe. Nobodies should and anybodies that does they shoudl leave that church.
    I take offense to you calling me a tool why don't you attack what I am proposing rather than me personally.
    I do not disagree with your "evidence for evolution" I think that people and animals our very complex things and are wonderfully adaptive organisms. However coudl you please give me your theories on a few questions so that I can see how evolution is a completely plausible scientific theory without the need for supernatural intervention.
    We are ALL tools of our genes and of our memes.

    Where did space for the universe come from?
    Where did the laws of the universe come from? (gravity, thermodynamics, physics, etc.)
    How did life come form non-living matter?
    With what did the first living cell capable of reproduction reproduce with? and why woudl it reproduce wouldn't that just make more mouths to feed and therefore lessen it chance of survival?
    Where did matter come form and the energy to organize that matter?

    While you are answering these questions please show how each of your answers are scientifically plausible. If you can then yes evolution is a scientific theory and worthy of being taught to our children as the only scientific theory.

    I am not YOUR tool, and I do not need to pass your little quiz. Further, most of those questions have nothing to do with evolution. If you are honestly interested in the answers to the questions about evolution, I recommend you look up the term "autocatalytic sets."

  2. Quote Originally Posted by INFOHAZARD
    I am not YOUR tool, and I do not need to pass your little quiz. Further, most of those questions have nothing to do with evolution. If you are honestly interested in the answers to the questions about evolution, I recommend you look up the term "autocatalytic sets."
    To be fair I will check it out.
    How do these questions not deal with evolution? We are talking about the most basic form of it. Where did the earth, matter, and the universe come from. So I am not so sure what kind of evolution you belive in. Still answers to those previos questions from an evoltionist will be just as scientific as coming form a creationist.

    So if we are all tools to our memes wouldnt you be just as right or wrong as I am and therefore cretion is just as plausible as evolution?

  3. I been reading the bible, too. I just opened it up to the page that involved "100 Philistine Foreskins." Oh, man. that one was too much. I'm still waiting for a Christian Heavy Metal band to call itself 100 Philistine Foreskins. Then they can brag that their amp actually delivers 200!

    I was also very interested in the bible's commentary on the Godly intitutution of slavery

    And on when to stone your children to death:
    Deuteronomy 21:18-21 states: If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother.....all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die.....

    Oh, wait- isn't that Sharia Law?...

    THen the are the internal inconsistencies within the bible itself- hardly the literal word of an omnicient god:

    I also see that there are some fundamentalists in the good old USA who take these scriptures very seriously indeed and have every intent on trashing the Constituition in order to bring slavery and stoning back.

    This would all sound wildly crackpot if it weren't for the fact that one S&L fortune heir, a fellow named Howard Ahmanson
    has given millions towards the following enterprises:

    1)The Late Rev. Rushdoony's Chalcedon Foundation:

    They have only recently repudiated the concept of violent overthrow of the Constitution, and frankly, I don't believe them. Neverthelss, they have been using political leverage in a big way of late.

    2) "Ahmanson and Rushdoony were on the board of the Rutherford Institute (run by an attorney named Whitehead) which paid all the legal fees and Court costs to Jones v. Clinton (and the services of the "elves" which included legal advice from Ann Coulter to Paula Jones). (they don't mention their board members on their site)

    The Reconstructionists/Dminionists were major background players in the impeachment of Clinton. Their goal is to end Constitutional law in favor of theocratic law.

    3) Ahmanson back in the '80's, bankrolled controlling interest in the original Electronic Voting Machine company. (Sources initially reported that it was Howard, I've seen others more recently state that it was other members of the family... ) That one company has since morphed into the three largest (?competing) voting machine companies. Sen. Chuck Hagel ended up buying the Ahmansons out (go figure... Now he is allegedly out of the business too, but the head of the Senate Ethics Committe resigned the day they gave Hagel a pass on his holdings in a voting machine comapny and not reporting it... He was elected in an upset on his own machines. I don't know much about Hagel, but I sure don't like that).

    Although they do not blow things up, I consider them to be as great an enemy to our Constitution as al Qada is. And do you wonder why you've never heard of them?

  4. Well your completely getting off subject.

    Those Bible inconsistencies were quite interesting. Thank you for posting that. I read most of them but do not have time to finish them all. I will have to do that sometime later. Some of them seem pretty weak and you have to ackoledge that sometimes the Bible speaks of physical meaning and then others spriritual, but for lack of more words to describe things in the English language they use the same words to describe different meanings.
    I have had the benefit to be taught under people who are fluent in Hebrew and greek. So most of those arguments have been cleared up already but a few have me thinking and I will have to do further research on them to understand.

    I am a fundamentalist but Old testament law is no longer valid. Anyone that believs the Bible in its entirity can be proven wrong if they think that we need to stone rebellious kids.


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