NEWSWEEK: Democrat Donor received $22 million in "Oil for Food" Scandal

  1. NEWSWEEK: Democrat Donor received $22 million in "Oil for Food" Scandal

    If the name of a "Big Money" Political Party Donor with ties to Enron were discovered on the Saddam's Coalition of the Bribed, what do you think would happen to the Candidate of that party?

    What if that Candidate of that Party was John Kerry?

    Newsweek drops a bombshell on the Kerry Campaign: Texas Oil Baron and Big-Time Democrat Donor Oscar Wyatt has received perhaps as much a $22 million dollars in profits through oil allocations bought illicity from Saddam Hussein.

    From MSNBC: United Nations: Oil-for-Food Fiasco?"

    Law-enforcement sources say Americans who participated in alleged oil-for-food scams also may face further investigation. The CIA deleted from Duelfer's report names of Saddam's U.S. oil-for-food favorites. But an uncensored copy of the Duelfer report obtained by NEWSWEEK indicates Houston oil mogul Oscar Wyatt got oil allocations from Saddam which could have earned him and Coastal Corp.?a company he founded and ran until 2000?profits of more than $22 million. Wyatt and wife Lynn are major donors to political causes: since 1989 they have given nearly $700,000 in contributions, of which more than $500,000 went to Democrats. Wyatt told NEWSWEEK that his company did buy oil from Saddam but that he never did so personally, and that his company's dealings all complied with U.N. rules. ?Mark Hosenball and Steve Tuttle

    Who is Oscar Wyatt? More than just a oil man, he's an outspoken critic of both Gulf Wars, and a big time Democratic Party Donor...

    As per Houston's Clear Thinkers:

    The 10-K also disclosed that one of El Paso's units has been subpoenaed by a grand jury from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York to produce records regarding the United Nations' Oil for Food Program governing sales of Iraqi oil. The unit, El Paso CGP Company, was formerly Coastal Corp., which the company acquired in January 2001. The former chairman of Coastal -- Oscar Wyatt -- was an unabashed critic of Operation Desert Storm in the first Persian Gulf War and has been a vocal public critic of El Paso's management over the past several years.

    Wyatt appears to have used his ill-gotten gains wisely - buying the leftovers of Enron.

    According to New Age Business:

    Enron said that the company and the Official Unsecured Creditor's Committee decided the CCE offer was best. Enron previously had said NuCoastal LLC, a company run by Texas billionaire and Coastal Corp. founder Oscar Wyatt Jr. had offered $2.2 billion in May.

    So how does this affect Kerry? Well, perhaps we should couch it in terms even the Old Press can understand:

    Big Oil, bribed by Saddam Hussein, helped pay for John Kerry's Campaign. Money used to buy Hussein's army's guns helped pay for John Kerry's campaign. Guns used to kill American Soldiers helped pay for John Kerry's campaign... This may explain why John Kerry thinks the war in Iraq was a mistake. I believe the mistake may be his.

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  2. As much as I dislike John Kerry for his political motives, I don't think that his is a "bad guy". I think he's a "dickhead" and willing to win the seat at any legal cost (whether or not it involves massive deception), but not a "bad guy". So, IMHO, I doubt Kerry had anything to do with this whole thing and none of it will effect him. It will come out that he had nothing to do with it (whether or not he did in actuality).

    Great article thuogh, very interesting.

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