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I recently had to do some work in a "privately owned" mental hospital funded by the government. There are some people there for rehab and others that will never be out on the streets. I also know someone who adopted 4 very retarded children and has had them for over 15 years. The government has paid her OVER 250k per year tax free. That doesn't include the free medical benefits and meds like Ritalin. They pay for a drug to give them at night so they're all asleep by 6.00pm. The kids also go to a psychiatrist once a week for counseling. One counselor convinced one of the kids that he should have been born a girl and is going through gender counseling to prepare him for Hormone therapy and to decide when/if there going to give him a sex change operation. Would anyone here do this to a kid with Down Syndrome? The more messed up a kid is, the more the government pays. Look at how much money in care, psychiatry and drugs the Government is spending on this one kid who will never contribute anything to society! It sounds cruel, but cut out all this spending for this program. I don't like the "idea" of abortion, or the way lepers were treated but, most of these kids and the people in mental hospitals shouldn't be here. I think the lives they live are cruel to watch. Ever see a baby grow up in a bed with tubes all over? Its a terrible way to be kept alive and worse when its done to collect a check.
Jesus...that's just depressing man.