Marin County is too White

  1. Marin County is too White

    The Feds say Marin County is too white and needs to change. They need to change their zoning laws to add low income housing. Not all low income people are black or hispanic. I find it insulting to lump a color or race of people with "low income." what if a white person wants to move into the new"projects?" and What jobs are available to these poor people that move into the neighborhood. It's a very rich area and what happens if they don't qualify for the type of jobs around there? The nice neighborhood gets trashed with people stuck on welfare shipped in from the government. Is Watts too black? Lets ship some whites in and see what happens. People will always be separated by class and the truth is that most people can't afford to live there.

    Although racism exists, it shouldn't, and the government shouldn't be making it an issue.
    Here's the link from CNN...

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  2. well usually the lump that they are referring too is a lump that thirves on it is a generational thing...13% of the poplualtion makes up around 40% of welfare recipiants. thats is why that refer to that is the same lump that tears down and dwestroys its public housing and demands new..and guess what...they get it becuase it would be racists to say no....but the last time i checked..their is not any white people pissing in the project hallways of those lump communities ...slanging dope on the street corner...shooting someone for stepping on their shoe..what is funny is that if you dropped a white guy in watts..he would get jumped..then the naacp would march claiming that he showed in an attemtp to racially attack the gang members..I have the same issue in my hometown...they are protesting becuase the busline has been voted down they cant get a ride to the new mall..but we are racist when we bring up the fact that two previous malls have been closed down becuase of the lump that was bussed in....they robbed all the customers and stores..wouldnt buy anything...and assaulted many in the parking is becoming a real joke...thank god america is waking up to this crap.....MLK stood for equality..and people being judged and treated on their merit and who they were as person...but now black americans cry race everytime they are not getting their ego stroked..or they get extra points on civil servant application tests njust for being black...but hey, 13% of the population should have 50% of the jobs....who cares if your qualified, being black will suit just fine..the fact is that the lump being referred to infects and contaminates every neighborhood, store, mall,restaurant, job, school, etc..that they get into...point blank...but america is tired of sorry for them...they may actually have to finally become accountable..and show some responsiblity. and it facts are not racist...usuing the color of your skin to get over on others and manipulate the system consistantly is more racist than facts.

  3. The Librals who claim to not be racist are the ones actually keeping the black man down so he stays ignorant and votes democrat. BUT shhhhhh thats not something the libral media wants you to know.
    Tell me one thing Barry Seotoro has done for his Black Bruthas...... Unemployment among whites is at like 5 or 6% for blacks and hispanics it is more like 19%.
    95% of Blacks voted for Barry BUT Its white who are racist?????????????

  4. What happens if they can't find jobs in Marin County. Many people that live in Marin County don't work in Marin County. The people that are moved to Marin County who can't find local jobs will have to most likely commute from San Francisco, Oakland, or as far South as San Jose (worst case scenario) which means they'll have to spend more money on gas and that will just cause another uproar in the long run. Perfect example of how government has screwed up priorities. Why not focus on improving "low income" areas instead ?

  5. i want to move to marin county lol



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