I'm afraid of Americans

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  1. i'm outtie though.. i've been posting on different political forums for like 3 hours straight now and now I have to go throw some weights around... this exchange could go on forever... valid points diablo and everyone

  2. How could anyone choose Dubya as an Avatar?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SpargelJanusz View Post
    How could anyone choose Dubya as an Avatar?
    LOL....yet another stupid question.
    Training around a jacked up neck.

  4. Bottom line is that this country is screwed one way or another unless we get back to basics. How about changing immigration policies today? Remember when you had to be sponsored by a family member, who would vouch for you, and if you didn't work would have to support you? Maybe that would get rid of the billboard signs up around many third world country airports that state "Massachusetts offers the best benefits for immigrant families". Yup we do offer the best welfare benefits in the country, and we will lay off every cop and firefighter to keep offering them. Hell our govenor is even tried to sneak, and I mean sneak, a provision in some state statue that would ALLOW ILLEGALS to go to state colleges for FREE. And in Massachusetts they are no longer called "illegal aliens" they are "undocumented workers".

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    Man...this thread needs a title change to: The thread with the most gross generalizations ever!

    sorry but it needed to be said
    I didn't see many gross generalizations. When you speak about the poor, indigent, uneducated, or the welfare population you encompass every race, color, sex, and sexual orientation. Now if people were stating that certain races, color, sex, or any other legally protected class, was responsible more then any other then it would be a generalization.

    I am all for helping people truly in need, but when a country that is on the verge of bankruptcy is looking for solutions to "intergenerational" welfare, then something has to give. Some families are 4 generations deep in handouts.

    One area that needs to be focused on is education. We need to educate these young women that having babies will only make success even harder. Having a baby at a young age without a family and financial support structure compromises that child for its entire childhood. When a single mother chooses to seek independence for herself and "gets a minimum wage job" the child now has no parent at home. This double edge sword is one that needs careful thought. Mom working and making not much more then she would receive in government handouts, and not being there to parent her kid, or her staying at home and trying to instill some values in her child?
  6. Never enough
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    All things told, as Machiavelli said

    Quote Originally Posted by Machiavelli
    It is best to be both feared and loved; however, if one cannot be both it is better to be feared than loved.
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  7. There is so much ignorance in this thread that I do not know where to start a discussion.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SolidusSnake View Post
    There is so much ignorance in this thread that I do not know where to start a discussion.
    LOL.....it started with the OP and the very first post.
    Training around a jacked up neck.


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