Article on the personal history of Obama

  1. Article on the personal history of Obama

    This was in Forbes last week. Interesting read. It makes sense and explains a lot of his actions and statements. I heard the writer on the radio this morning and looked up the article. And no its not a "birther" article. He said explicitly on the radio he believes he was born in Hawaii all along. Mobile Edition

  2. Better article

    From the article responding to Dinesh D'esouza:
    "Is Obama really outside your sphere of comprehension? To say you need a predictor to decode Obama's next move is to say that the president is offering us something more than the hard-left agenda the Democratic Party had promised—rather unambiguously—when it came to power.

    Obama's policies are no more exotic than those of the nearest progressive academic, the angry, union-shilling, purple-shirted sign waver or New York Times editorial board member. There is no whodunit when it comes to "fair trade" or "social justice." There is nothing novel about embracing illiberal "friends" abroad. Nothing unique about redistributive economics or regulatory dictatorships.

    It's all standard. And until recently, much of it politically unpalatable.

    What about the fellow travelers who voted lock step with the president? Obama didn't write policy that nationalizes health care or bails out states.

    Has there been an outbreak of Kenyan anti-colonialist sentiment I'm unaware of?

    To psychoanalyze the man's ideological origins and concoct theories is to attach much more credit to these policies than they deserve."

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