Obama to support ground zero mosque

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    When you say teach high school, are you referring to a real one, or the one Billy Madison went to?
    Your ad hominem attacks are getting boring, i'm going to put you back on ignore now, byebye

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    I am in no way saying that teachers arent part of the problem. I am referring to your inference that they are the entire problem. It is multifaceted for sure.

    In terms of submitting yourself to it. I will never forget my first day student teaching years ago, and a very troubled high school junior at the time (this is 10 years ago) decided he didnt like my "attitude" and he would challenge me to a fight. It was certainly not something that I had ever thought about or was taught about in grad school. It is not worth the drama at times. Even where I teach now (which is top 10 in NJ) there are still some problems, not like the ones before, but I have had kids come to class too high and then vomit in the room. I have stories that astound me and I was there.

    Education has changed so greatly that it can be a scary prospect. You should try it though Easy. If you find the right school, the job is a friggin blast.

    I will say this, when some of my male student get a little too ****y, I offer them the opportunity to come to the weight room to lift with me for a bit, and I get to use a real high volume routine. Their behavior changes drastically
    I never inferred they were the entire cause of the problem, however they are a piece of the issue that should be under state/local control. Its difficult for the state or local authorities to enforce parental involvement, and its also difficult to control crime. But continuing to throw money down a failed path isn't the answer either, nor is throwing your hands up in the air. The way the schools are run is the most controllable piece of the equation, yet the special interest group of teachers unions keeps the hands tied from making any changes to it.

    In Hawaii for example, with the Furlough Fridays (students and teachers getting every friday off due to budget issues) making the state that is 49th in education also having the shortest school year, the state found the money to cover teachers salaries. However, there wasn't enough to also cover non-educational staff, such as school board members. The teachers union refused to accept the offer. Tell me, is that good for education? No, its good for the teachers union though.

  3. I'm off to the gym. Not sure what you guys will get out of it, but have fun debating with Billy Madison. I'm just waiting for Captain Insano to show up.

  4. This is one of the times I miss Zero V and his rational contributions to threads like this.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    This is one of the times I miss Zero V and his rational contributions to threads like this.
    Yes, he was quite a zippo, always ready to burst into flames.



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