Health DEFORM what it costs YOU!

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  1. Wowzers! Just skimmed through this thread and it brings me back to a silly experiment I would love to see implemented but never will:

    Let all the government loving, higher tax advocates take one side of the country, and the small government, self responsibility crowd get the other and see how long it takes until we(the small Gov. side) get a knock on the door and hear, "Uh...we're broke, can we come in?"

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    Like I said, I am letting this thread die. On a final statement towards your argument, If we are going to cry deficit, why dont we discuss the cost of war we were rushed into? The original Obama-Biden plan used for campaigning discussed a public option. The American people voted for them.
    BUT, Obama also had a good plan for the war, which I honestly think swayed more votes than his healthcare ideas...and so far he has not kept his promis AT ALL in regards to the war. In fact he has just kept extending it. The ONLY two options that will work in the middle east are:

    1. GTFO
    2. Stay for several generations, because the only way of killing terrorism is breeding it away.

    I am not an Obama supporter at all, I am right wing conservative on 99% of issues (I like stem cells though), but I can respect any educated argument, its when people get their education from CNN that I go into angry rants :P

    Honestly it really bothers me when people point at Bush and blame everything on him. If people are going to do that then they also need to realize that Bush inherited 9/11. There was nothing he could have done to stop it, all he could do was react. You can bet your ass that Obama would have done the exact same thing as Bush in that event, because America would not stand for a ***** ass president. The bottom line fact is yeah, maybe Bush created some problems, but they are OBAMAS problems right now, and instead of fixing them, he is pushing some other crap like healthcare...Americans are some of the most unhealthy people in the world because of our lifestyle, I don't think healthcare should be a priority for the honestly seems like a waste of money.

    400 planes to get 100% of our troops out of Iraq. That's all, 400. We are not bringing the equipment home, we'll gift it to the Iraqis I'm sure, most of it is 10 years old now anyway.

    Obama signed the bailouts.

    Obama will end up spending more money and putting us further in debt than Bush ever did in my opinion.

    Obama has said that Afghanistan will be the largest reconstruction in US history. What's that mean? That means we will spend trillions and trillions rebuilding a society that is ****. As soon as we leave it will be exactly the same, except they will have all this nice stuff we built....

    I don't know...I respect that you are an educated supporter HeretoStudy, but I am an educated non-supporter...
    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Americans did and still do want health care reform, but what we want addressed are the actual costs. We don't want to see money shuffled around so that more in taxes is collected to just pay for other peoples care while still doing absolutely 0 to lower the cost of care which is what this bill does. This bill just continues to take us further and further down the road towards insolvency as a country by continuing to raise our deficit.
    I agree somewhat, I don't think people care as much about the taxation as we think, but it sure pisses me off knowing I will be paying extra taxes and seeing 0 benefit.

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Its pretty comical how for having said leaving the thread a good 3 or 4 times, you still keep returning to it.
    Jeez guys its a debate here, no need to bring in emotion o.O



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