New US Supreme Court Justice nominee named today

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  2. After Sonya Sotowhatever waltzed through despite her 'Im smarter than White males line', this one will be confirmed even faster.

    The Republican Senators could use arguments verbatim that the Dems used to de-rail Harriet Miers and no one would effing care because the media and bleeding heart celebrities are jizzing over her.

    The Left rapes the English language, I hate to use such a harsh term, but its the best way to describe how they talk. On MSNBC someone was on their soap box about how the court will finally have someone who cares about 'human rights'. But thats how you get people who watch 5 mins. of news per week on your side.

  3. Bump.
    Interesting data on the Liberal nomination machine at work in this article:

    That^kiddies is how you get the sheeple's support.

    And one more gem on the Left's Rape of the English language during a Judicial nomination:

    " want a Justice that's going to stand for the working men and women in this country, it's not going to be Judge Alito! If you are concerned about women's privacy rights, about the opportunity for women to gain fair employment in America, it's not Judge Alito....and if you are looking for someone that is going to be a friend of the disabled, it's not going to be Judge Alito! -Ted Kennedy
    (the last is my favorite. Yes, Alito will be an enemy of the disabled LOL. Ahh, may he and that woman he killed rest in peace)

  4. I think this is an odd choice, but the reaction it is garnering from the right makes me laugh. The same way Bush's nominees made the left's headspin (which was just as funny)

    As a side note, Pat Robertson's commentary about Kagan was priceless. She makes it too many jews on the court in comparrison to their percentage of American society. Gotta love that old anti-semite
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