horrofic deaths of palestinian freedom fighters

  1. horrofic deaths of palestinian freedom fighters

    Oh, egypt killed em, not israel; no one gives a ****.
    Inter-Arab tensions: Hamas blames Egypt for blowing up a smuggling tunnel on Gaza border Wednesday and using toxic gas, killing four people; witnesses say explosion occurred on Egyptian side of tunnel News agencies Latest Update:* 04.28.10, 22:21 / Israel News Four Palestinians were killed and at least 10 others were wounded Wednesday following the collapse of a smuggling tunnel on the the collapse of a smuggling tunnel on the border between Gaza and Egypt, according to Palestinian medical sources in Gaza. Palestinian police accused Egyptian security forces of killing the Gaza smugglers by blowing up their cross-border tunnel. The Palestinians also charged that Egyptian security forces spread toxic gas in the collapsed tunnels. Witnesses said the incident was apparently caused by an explosion that occurred on the Egyptian side of the tunnel. Detonating a bomb underground, Egyptian security forces collapsed a tunnel in which seven smugglers were working, a Palestinian police official said. Three died of smoke inhalation Palestinian police official said. Three died of smoke inhalation and a fourth from flying debris The three injured Palestinians were admitted to a hospital in Rafah. The death toll in the Rafah-area accident is the highest since 2009, when 5 died in a tunnel collapse.
    [nl][nl]I better see the bleeding hearts ahemlutherahem in here fuming.

  2. Egypt doesn't have the right to blow up a "smuggling tunnel" in their own country?

    Not their fault smugglers were in there!

  3. Lol, I am ridiculing guys like luther who bitch and moan when israel counters palestinian terror causing palestinian deaths, but is silent when others do.

    It only matters when jews do the killing, to guys like him. In other words, it's about framing jews/israelis in a negative light, by any means necessary. Logic is of no import.

  4. I mean, it was the Jews, not Mohammed, who killed Jesus.

  5. Actually it was the Romans, but whatever. Apparently it was all part of the plan.

  6. Hey I've seen Mel Gibsons' Passion of the Christ and I'm pretty sure it was the Jews who were responsible for his death.

    If you disagree then you're an anti-dentite.

  7. Hey Pois, be patient. You've only had that article up there for an hour or so, it takes time for a 'certain someone' to cut and paste a longer, convoluted op-ed piece to counter yours.

  8. @ both of you^

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Killerkanadia View Post
    I mean, it was the Jews, not Mohammed, who killed Jesus.
    Wow, Jews using a crucifixion? That doesnt sound right.

    Might want to try again killer

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  10. Sure enough, luther saw this thread, and has not responded. I question his dedication to al naqba, the cause, and his people.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Oh, egypt killed em, not israel; no one gives a ****.
    [nl][nl]I better see the bleeding hearts ahemlutherahem in here fuming.

    oh well, the heart bleeds

  12. 'Hold those responsible accountable' Egyptian security forces have sprayed gas into tunnels before according to Hamas officials and tunnel operators. But Wednesday's incident was the first time people have died as a result, they said. A Hamas official demanded an explanation"This is a terrible crime committed by Egyptian security against simple Palestinian workers who were trying to earn their daily bread," Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum to The Associated Press. "It was a killing in cold blood. Hamas and all the Palestinian people condemn it strongly."

    Bwaahaaha, orly? Cold blood, like the 4000 israelis you killed (only the israelis weren't breaching a sovereign international border illegally when they were murdered).


  13. Way off topic here, but hey Poison, what does [nl][nl] mean? Im sure its making some symbol but I cant see it. This is the only one I know....( .Y. )

    Your welcome

  14. It's some weird thing my phone does when I post from it. sorry.

  15. All right, well I hope you liked the one I provided.....

  16. Absolutely. I'm in your debt.

  17. luther's absence is telling.


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