the world needs your support again. You have a rare chance to be consistant and not look like a LOSER hypocrite while you demand that Fred Toettcher be fired for making a baseless, racially-motivated insult toward a college athlete and his family.(FYI, I do not think either one should be fired, Obama has motivated me to be more 'transparent')

'Lily-White' Tebow a Nazi? Shades of Imus in Boston Radio Jock's Slander
4/25/2010 10:00 AM ET By David Whitley

Just when you thought you knew everything about Tim Tebow, a Boston sports radio station informed us that he is probably a Nazi.

The host was joking, but then so was Don Imus when he insulted Rutgers women's basketball team. CBS fired him. Will it do the same when the race-based insults are directed at Tebow?

Why do I get the feeling Tebow will be Denver's starting quarterback before Fred Toettcher is out of a job?

"Toucher," as he is known to his listeners on 98.5 The Sports Hub, had this observation on Tebow's draft-night gathering.

"It looked like some kind of Nazi rally ... so lily-white is what I'm trying to say. Yeah, Stepford Wives."

Come to think of it, I didn't see much diversity at the Tebow house. Maybe all that missionary stuff is just a cover, and his family has really spent years setting up a skinhead movement in the Philippines.

Failing that, CBS is on the hypocrisy clock.

It owns WBZ-FM, which is the flagship station of the Patriots and Bruins. Toettcher's not Imus, but the "Toucher and Rich Show" has some sway around New England.

I don't think one stupid statement should get somebody fired, whether it's Imus calling Rutgers players "nappy-headed ho's" or some sports jock trying to be witty.

More importantly, you can be sure Tebow would be willing to turn the other cheek. I wish studio snipers like Toettcher would actually meet their victims before turning them into Nazi jokes.

But my opinion, your opinion and Tebow's opinion shouldn't count. What matters whether CBS and others are going to be consistent. If not, this will be great fodder for Rush Limbaugh and anyone who likes bash double standards and political correctness.

When CBS President Leslie Moonves fired Imus, he said "There has been much discussion of the effect language like this has on our young people, particularly young women of color trying to make their way in this society."

Are young men of non-color less important?

Sponsors couldn't wait to bail from Imus. Will any of WBZ's advertisers even twitch?

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson chimed in as usual. "It's not about taking Imus down," Rev. Al said. "It's about lifting decency up."

What's more indecent, being called a 'ho or a Nazi? I'd say both could use a decency lift.

Imus' statement was supposedly a glimpse into his soul. Will thousands of commentators speculate that Toettcher is really a closet anti-white bigot?

Will Tebow get to go on Oprah like the Rutgers women and be lauded as a martyr? Will he file a slander suit (since dropped) like junior Kia Vaughn?

"Our moment was taken away," she said. "Our moment to celebrate our success. Our moment to realize how far we had come."

Tebow's come a long way too. His family and friends gathered to celebrate a crowning moment last Thursday night. As far as I could tell, none were wearing swastikas.

There is a good rule in argument. The first person who uses a Nazi or Hitler reference loses. Maybe Toettcher should be suspended for failure to show any more cleverness than the goobers who ridiculed Florida's quarterback in their SEC chat rooms.

Tebow's taken criticism with far more grace than any radio shock jock I know. To him, this is nothing to get worked up about.

But if CBS doesn't react, what will it say?

You can call Tebow a Nazi. Just don't say he's a nappy-headed 'ho.