Hello all there is legislation tht has been proposed that would in my opinion be very detrimental to the supplement industry.
you can search for S.3002 to learn more.
save our supplements web site has an easy to use system to email the representatives of your state.
I am posting this to increase awareness, and to ask for feedback on the letter I intend to send. Your comments or suggestions are appreciated, I want this letter to actually help the situation. But I suppose that would require the government to actually start listening to the public again.

"Please do not pass or support S.3002!
Americans should have the right to choose for our selves which supplements we wish to use. We do not need the government adding more regulation that would hinder our ability to obtain supplements and alternative medicine.
The continued attack and tightening of regulations over the supplement and alternative medicine industry is ridiculous in my opinion.
Consumers need to educate themselves about the products they are buying, and the companies they purchase them from on their own. Whether it is a supplement, a pharmaceutical, or even the food we eat.
All companies use a best case scenario, or even slightly misleading advertising tactics to sell their products.
This is not something new in the advertisement industry.
Every other ad on television is a pharmaceutical company promising a better life, or relief from some ailment by taking their products. But the side effects of these products are far worse than all most any thing the supplement industry has to offer.
Yes you need a doctorís prescription for most, but doctors are busy and often do a poor job of explaining the risks and side effects of these products. This in my opinion is a far worse crime due to the publicís natural trust in the opinion of their doctors.
This is still an example of consumers needing to educate themselves and research what they put in their body's on their own.
I also understand that all most all supplements and alternative medicine do not require a doctorís prescription or guidance.
But there are hundreds of over the counter medications available that fall under similar guidelines.
Used properly they can have very beneficial effects for the people that use them. Used improperly, and the side effects can be deadly.
Supplements are no different, yet they receive endless scrutiny.
There is a very effective system in place to keep companies honest. If your product works and is safe, your company will prosper. If it does not work or it is unsafe, your company will fail and possibly undergo lengthy and expensive court trials brought forth by consumers.

In conclusion I think this legislation is unnecessary, and detrimental to an economy that badly needs the creation of jobs.
This bill would force many companies to downsize, and cost more Americans an opportunity to provide for their families.
Consumers do not need additional legislation regarding this topic. They need to accept personal responsibility, educate themselves, and follow the guidelines for using these products responsibly.

Do not pass or support S.3002!"