Is the new "Tanning Tax" racist?

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  1. No taxation without representation?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by iron fists View Post
    so if you have the INSIG2 gene, then no matter how hard you work out or diet, you will be obese, and never achieve an ideal body weight that is less than 40 lbs overweight???
    No, if the INSIG2 gene is expressed in stage 2 instead of the normal stage 6 then the person is extremely predisposed to obesity, almost impossible to overcome, but key word is almost. I was just pointing out that there are genetic traits that do contribute, as you stated otherwise. It doesn't negate the hard work that people should put in regardless, but egregious taxing is a complete abuse of power.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by iron fists View Post
    point taken..i know that there are genetic factors that are phsycological as well that contribute too...but obesity is not indefinite....but take away taxing the you agree that obese individuals should have to pay more for health insurance? or is that unfair too?
    That I do agree with. If a person is obese or more, they should definitely pay more for health insurance, just like a high risk driver would pay more for auto insurance or carry an SR-22. The problem I was saying is that punishing the good is marxist in nature.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by monstermash View Post
    I just think they're are better things to tax BEFORE taxing this.

    ie- fast food, tobacco, alchohol, soda, candy, etc...

    ^^ these things are what's killing americans and who can blame them for getting addicted to these things when they're so well advertised and cheaply priced.

    why do you belive that fast food, tobacco, alcohol, soda, candy, etc should be taxed first? Im not trying to sound like a ****, so if its coming off that way I apologize.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Vtaper View Post
    Sir, you are not helping Canada's stock. You just responded to a respone of mine who's subject was that people were reading my post wrong...............and then you read THAT wrong!!!! Is this a ****ing joke? Is April fools day March 29th in Canada?

    For the last gotdamn time, MY POST WAS TONGUE-IN-CHEEK

    "If anything, raising the question Is this racist is racist" Oh lord help us. Jean Chrétien must be spinnin' in his grave. Oh wait, he aint dead.

    So please s-l-o-w-l-y re-read my other 2 posts in this thread and try not to hurt yourself using the roller ball and back button.

    Oh Snap, I just had another brilliant idea! Lets do a full page tangent on me ribbing you for the Canada thing. (I happen to love Canada and was in Ontario last week <---- Molson Ice or Labbatt? Me likey either way)

    I quote from "When something is described as “tongue in cheek,” it means that it should not be taken seriously. Tongue in cheek humor is often wry, subtle, and sometimes difficult to catch, in contrast with more blatant forms of humor. In England in particular, tongue in cheek jokes, fiction, and films have been elevated to an art form, as this type of dry wit is especially valued in British culture."

    That being said, when using aforementioned humour tactics, dont be surprised if a bunch of repliers dont get the joke

    So while I misresresented what you were getting at, I still have a question for you that needs answering.

    Quote Originally Posted by VTaper
    I know this was not racially motivated legislation but can any of you imagine the backlash if a tax was placed on something that only Blacks use?
    Im just wondering how you came to this assumption.

  6. isn't this tax sexist?...guys don't tan

  7. Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiSid View Post
    Im just wondering how you came to this assumption.
    When you mentioned being from Canada,you said you dont hear much about racism on the news?

    In the U.S. there are many groups and individuals who use race not to start debates but to end them.

    For example, A Black professor loses his keys, has to break into his own home. A neighbor doesnt recognize him and calls the police. A white cop shows up and the professor is rude, uncooperative and wont show I.D. it escalates and the man gets arrested. Whats all over the news? IT WAS RACISM!!! Obama says "I dont know the details but the police acted stupidly", he later has the cop and the professor at the white house to do some healing.......all over some arrogant prick who wouldnt cooperate with police WHO WERE THERE TO PROTECT HIS HOUSE.

    But when a Black cop tazers the sh!t out of a White guy at a John Kerry event, the same losers who cry racism just to sell a book or get ratings are all silent. If they defended the White guy with the same passion I would repect them. I wouldnt agree(because I dont think race was an issue in either case), but I would respect them.

    There has become a destructive double-standard in regards to race here and sadly, its mostly politicly motivated to further The Democratic Party and their candidates. Example?

    Bush doesnt respond to hurricane Katrina fast enough for Kanye West and the rest of the race baiters so they call him racist. The Bush Admin. was blamed for the forecloser crisis for racial reasons. But when Harry Reid(A Dem Senator and leader) says Obama's a good candidate because he "Is light-skinned and has no Negroe dialect" nobody said sh!t. Then when some Republicans pointed out that it was out of line and racist, Black Congress people said Republicans were just trying to use it to take attention away from the health care debate to protect their guy.

    BTW, I cant remeber who said it, Jackson or Sharpton, but one of them said "If you dont support health care reform your racist". The Left cowardly uses language like that to entirley shut down debates and they usually win.

    Do some research on Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the ACLU and you'll get a great perspective on this issue.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiSid View Post
    I can honestly say I dont remember the last time I heard about racism in the media up here in Canada..

    That being sayed my opinion may be slightly skewered as I have never had to deal with a racial issue. But I dont think that imposing a tax on tanning is racist, or has anything to do with racism. If anything, raising the question "Is this rasict?" is racist.
    Not sure where you live in Canada but racism is up here. Its not as prevalent a media subject but it is here. Natives and Asians in particular are always in the news for something racially motivated. Natives are discriminated against quite a bit on a street level as well.
    3 little skin headed white guys tried to beat up one big black guy calling him various names on VI not too long ago.
    People were pushing Asians into the water when they were fishing in Ontario because they didn't think they should be able to and didn't believe them to have licences calling them racial names.
    I don't know how many times I have been called white boy by other cultures here especially natives.
    I believe a Jewish synagogue was burned down in Montreal not too long ago.
    Its not as bad as the US from experience but we have our issues.
    In high school for me though It was never as bad as what my wife went through in California getting called gook and many other names and being harassed many times by black people,white people and other Asians.

    Frankly there are bullys in every race and when there is power to be had they hold on for dear life and try to destroy any opposition to their power, while acting to reinforce that the power is still theirs and trying to gain more if they can. If people want to use the race card at every opportunity to brow beat people into their line of thinking, in this liberal society that we are in, it will most likely keep working.

    If anything, raising the question "Is this rasict?" is racist.

    This is stupid btw. I utterly hate this PC BS line of thinking. It is not racist (even if it was a real question and not a tongue in cheek one). It actually does seem to target some races as opposed to to others. I have many dark skinned friends and not one of them tans. I do however have a large percentage of light skinned friends who do tan yearly. It seems a very viable question if the country is aiming for racial equality. Laws should be nondiscriminatory. If the law affected some minority by the majority other than white, there would be some form of racism mentioned, I can guarantee that.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    isn't this tax sexist?...guys don't tan
    Good point, apparantly 2/3 of tanning salon owners and 85% of tanning customers are women. And women, regardless of color are a "protected class". I should have named this thread "Is the tanning tax sexist" And could have backed it up with articles like this that have already jumped on that bandwagon!!!

    These articles say that it is sexist and it "Unfairly penalizes that demographic(women)"

    So lets re-phrase my question: If the government taxed a product or service who's customer base is 85% men would it be called sexist? LOL!

    And on a special side note to SamuriaSid, Is asking "Is this sexist", sexist? Double LOL!(you know I love ya)

    Oooohhh the humanity!

  10. So lets re-phrase my question: If the government taxed a product or service who's customer base is 85% men would it be called sexist? LOL!

    you mean if the governement would tax a lot of these supplements out there....or banning ph's all together which isn't a tax but is sexist since i'm pretty sure their demographic is mostly males

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    So lets re-phrase my question: If the government taxed a product or service who's customer base is 85% men would it be called sexist? LOL!

    you mean if the governement would tax a lot of these supplements out there....or banning ph's all together which isn't a tax but is sexist since i'm pretty sure their demographic is mostly males
    That I would have to disagree with... I can almost guarantee the fat burner market is predominantly female!
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  12. I think the race/sex angle is much ado about nothing. I mean, if they only taxed menthol cigarettes and 40 oz. of malt liquor or quarter-waters and onion garlic potato chips, they might be sending a message. But even then, would that message be so bad? I think the real issue is that we could all use a little less "government" in our lives. They're like a naggy boss.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by DAdams91982 View Post
    That is quite the attack on the ability for American Choice.

    I see everyone attacking obesity and different foods as the primary attack on our health care costs, and that is just a red herring propagated by the left.

    Considering our health care is predominantly inflated by the aging baby boomers, do we now tax "Old"?


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