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    Ditto again. Nothing makes me more sick than those who ride the system for meds and what ever money they can get when they are more than able to work. Yet they spend their "free" money on cigarettes, drugs, booze, wine and complain some more about how broke they are yet continue to ride the system. These people are just another big part of the problem. They should have a "Trash Bill" for derelicts like these.
    I know people who work in the summer and then file for unemployment in the winter...They think they're beating the system or something. I don't even have to pay taxes yet and it pisses me off.

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    This is a misconception that is strongly propagated by the left. The predominant stress on the system right now is baby boomers aging, and not dying. One of the largest population booms in the US is now along in age, and the required healthcare is quite astronomical. The obesity "Crisis" is more of a red herring to push along an agenda... ie taxing only certain food and drink.
    so as life expectancy increases, people get more in Social Security than they ever put in, so it depletes the pool for everyone?

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    so as life expectancy increases, people get more in Social Security than they ever put in, so it depletes the pool for everyone?
    It is not a life expectancy issue. It is because there is now a disproportionate large population of older people because of the spike in birth rate after WW II (baby boomers). Since today's tax revenues pay for today's healthcare they are stressing the system because the taxable workforce is disproportionately small.

    Each boomer probably paid his/her part into the pool but the governments at the time probably spent the money on other stuff or gave tax breaks instead of ear-marking the money for healthcare 30+ years down the road.

    Anyways, the aging boomers are part of the problem but the NA lifestyle today is dogsh!t compared to 30+ years ago. This is also having its toll on the system.



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