McCain wants to regulate supplements

  1. McCain wants to regulate supplements

    Heres more on everyones favorite rino trying to regulate supps.

    Heres the bill he is proposing:

  2. "Regulate," in this sense, means getting their hands into the pot by forcing every single entity that comes into possession of a supplement to be registered as a "Dietary Supplement Facility."

    Also any ingredient that was grandfathered in by being marketed prior to 10-15-94, is no longer legal if it isn't on the "accepted dietary ingredients list."

    Also it appears the use of Proprietary Formula on the labeling may be in jeopardy.

    Wish a supp rep could elaborate what this bill could present if passed.

  3. I am not a sup rep, and I can elaborate....

    Everything that wont make the FDA and medical companies money will be thrown out, and everything that can will be banned and produced by them for medical reasons. Every sup produced as a "stim" will likely get eaten alive, all PH/DS that is not already long gone will be.(not sure how that last ban turned out, I was off the board and out of the gym during that time).

    And lastly, everything will be controlled by them...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Zero V View Post
    And lastly, everything will be controlled by them...
    Including our minds...eventually.

  5. i say go here:

    there's a way to navigate around the link in this forum, and sign the petition to not get it passed. if it works, i'm glad, if not, glad i could voice my opinion somehow. i prefer the conservatives to the liberals, but what McCain is doing with this bill i dont agree with. the government needs to keep their hands out of our pockets, and the supplement industry's as well. ok, maybe there's a lot of shady companies out there, but if you have some people to point you in the right direction (like us here on AM), then they shouldn't have a need to regulate it super heavily. also, we just need to have some doctors that will help us bodybuilders use supplements properly. not anti-steroid doctors, etc.

    then again... isn't this country about BIG business anyway?...

  6. I can't stand John McCain, first MMA now supplements. He doesn't realize how big of hypocrite things like this make him look, for example. He wants to protect us from "dangerous" supplements but his wife made her fortune in beer. I'm not bad mouthing beer mind you.

    Another example is during the election when he was trying to sell us on his fiscal conservatism by bad mouthing Barack Obama having voted on an ear mark for a $3 million observatory, then he[McCain] votes for the $700 billion bailout.

    Hypocrite and the reason I voted for Bob Barr.

  7. I wrote to Obama, and all my senators and congressmen. Here is one reply....

    Dear Friend:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding S. 3002, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010. I welcome your thoughts and comments.

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations are intended to protect consumers, not restrict access to safe and effective nutritional supplements. Recent recalls of unsafe medicines from the market have raised concerns over the drug review and monitoring systems of the FDA. Studies estimate that over half of all Americans use dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals and herbs. Please rest assured that I will continue to work toward ensuring that the FDA implements regulations that protect our consumers’ health while also defending consumers’ rights.

    On February 4, 2010, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) introduced S. 3002, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010. This legislation would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to more effectively regulate dietary supplements that may pose safety risks unknown to consumers.

    The safety of these supplements, as well as their continued availability to the public, are extremely important. The Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 has been referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, on which I do not serve. Should this issue come for consideration before the full Senate, you may be certain I will keep your views in mind.

    I appreciate hearing from you, and I hope that you will not hesitate to contact me on any issue that is important to you.

    Kay Bailey Hutchison
    United States Senator
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjolnir View Post
    Heres more on everyones favorite rino trying to regulate supps.

    Heres the bill he is proposing:
    Superhumanradio did a great show on this:

    Exposing Senator Mc Cain And His Dietary Supplement Safety Act

    Guest: Dr. Michael Smith

    Dr. Smith is with Life Extension Foundation, one of the few organizations to win repeatedly against the FDA. He discusses the real implications of the bill submitted by Senator Mc Cain and its has nothing to do with making supplement safer.

    Listen here:

  9. John McCain is a frustrated loser. Since he can't be president he's stomping his feet and trying to play conservative so he won't lose his seat. The fact is all politicians are full of ****.


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