Empire state building goes red celebrating communism!

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  1. You are exactly right. Why do an interview that exposes the real agenda and cover realistist facts that unveal to the public what is really going on. And the other media is biased as well too. Except that they are 100% pro obama no matter what.
    You're proving my point but not in the way I think you're intending... I believe you're pretty much stuck on your opinion regardless of who interviews him. Will him going on Fox have a chance of changing your opinion on a particular topic or do you want him on there so you can just say he was exposed and made to look like an idiot?

    Which pretty much still begs the question; why would he want to go on Fox to discuss anything?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    why would he want to go on Fox to discuss anything?
    If the Dems lost their option to simply vote through whatever they wanted, then he'd go on fox to try and get through to some conservative and independent listeners. But now, as you say, why bother? The only reason he's not going on Fox now to appeal to those voters on say the health care issue is because at the end of the day the Dems still control the government for all intents and purposes, and going on Fox will expose the many weaknesses of their plans, which will make ramming it through, though still an option, a PR nightmare. They know damn well the resistance they're getting is real and, in typical liberal fashion, they're astonished that people actually disagree with them. And, they're very put off by the fact that their typical debate tactics, like calling people heartless and racist, only work when you have individuals to pin those labels on. Aiming them at an anonymous crowd just pisses the crowd off.

  3. Commies. Love'em or Hate'em...........

    They know how to put on one helluva National Day Parade. Check out this photo from my 25th floor balcony I snapped of a nuke-capable ICBM. You just can't help but feel some empathy for the revolution when you're watching that convoy go down the street first hand. Cheers comrades!
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  4. I still don't see it happening. Those in favor of Obama will stay in favor and will say the interview was biased and unfair and taken out of context etc. Those against Obama will say all his truths were lies and misleading and he's a fraud etc. etc.

    In the end, who do you sway? I say, no one. Unless Obama takes a lesson from Kanye West and flips the **** out on live TV.

  5. "Hi Republicans! Ima let you finish, but Canada has the best health care system..."

  6. Quote Originally Posted by iron fists View Post
    I agree..well put. But I wouldnt say he was a fraud or telling lies, but misleading would be the charge.
    He's not misleading, he's honest as can be. He really thinks all problems boil down to issues of obedience, and thus all he needs to do in order to give health care to all is pass a law saying it shall be so. And he will be honestly mystified as are all such people when no matter how high the quality of the staff and no matter how much they increase the budget, it just ultimately doesn't seem to work for some reason. Just like with the education system.

    Because they take for granted what is not given but has developed. They sit in a pool of market provided plenty that required the coordination of resources across miles if not continents, and decades if not centuries of capital accumulation. I used to give my students a test on this to show them how futile central planning was, and it was simple: trace the structure of production behind a single ham sandwich. Most barely made it past the deli, those that did and who realized how many people worked in how many different jobs in so many different places and markets and over how much time to provide the resources to make that one ham sandwich a reality, well I seriously doubt they became Democrats.

  7. Ham sammitch...


  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    Ham sammitch...

    I'm thinking the same thing right now. I did a half mile on the elliptical today and then played racquetball. I'm frigging famished and this oatmeal ain't cutting it.

  9. mmmm. Ham sammitch and Obama kool-aid!


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