Satomayors initiation and the pros

  1. Satomayors initiation and the pros

    I have heard some in the liberal side emphasize that this Judge is a fair judge. Much has been made about her judgement with the firefighters who took a test and it was thrown out when the whites scored higher then the blacks. The judge refused to keep the test in place or something like that. So, why is she hailed as great? Is it because she is latina?

    I am confused on this.

    Anybody have anything to offer?

  2. Because she was a poor Latina who excelled through college and had a very long and prosperous career... Of course a lot of stuff that happened along the way have been left out to focus on my statement above.

    I believe it's taking certain facts that make a feel good story and leaving out the facts that make it a reality. From what i've read and have seen, I do not believe she would make a great SCJ.

  3. It show the blatant biasness then.
    The next generation then should remember that if they wish to ascend to high office make sure you have a great emotional life story so that it can pull on the pant legs of the higher ups. That is halfway to the top. The rest of it would be doing a job that hits the press in a controversial way and is subject to criticism. Also, make sure that the people who help you are on the liberal side of things.

    Did I miss anything on that?

  4. That works as long as the liberals are in command at the time. Unfortunately, getting to the top isn't always done on the merits of hard work, intelligence and ethics... Regardless of which aisle you're sitting on.

  5. The important question. Would ya?



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