Kick It Over Manifesto

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    Kick It Over Manifesto

    We, the undersigned, make this accusation: that you, the
    teachers of neoclassical economics and the students that you
    graduate, have perpetuated a gigantic fraud upon the world.
    You claim to work in a pure science of formula and law, but yours is a
    social science, with all the fragility and uncertainty that this entails.
    We accuse you of pretending to be what you are not.

    You hide in your offices, protected by your mathematical jargon,
    while in the real world, forests vanish, species perish and human
    lives are callously destroyed. We accuse you of gross negligence in
    the management of our planetary household.

    You have known since its inception that one of your measures of
    economic progress, the Gross Domestic Product, is fundamentally
    flawed and incomplete, and yet you have allowed it to become a global
    standard, reported day in, day out in every form of media. We accuse
    you of recklessly projecting an illusion of progress.

    You have done great harm, but your time is coming to a close. Your
    systems are crumbling, your flaws increasingly laid bare. An economic
    revolution has begun, as hopeful and determined as any in history. We
    will have our clash of economic paradigms, we will have our moment
    of truth, and out of each will come a new economics open, holistic,

    On campus after campus, we will chase you old goats out of power.
    Then, in the months and years that follow, we will begin the work of
    reprogramming your doomsday machine.

    Sign the manifesto at

  2. 1) you're a (spammin') machine.

    2) Damn you and your PDF's, I ****ing hate ADobe, and can't use an alternate program here at work.

    3) Who the hell wrote that ****? I'm not commenting on the message, simply that these 'alternative' websites need to lear to write, if they want to gain any kind of legitimacy.


    puff, puff, pass

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