The drunken sailors in congress (ie democrats) have made it to shore leave...

  1. The drunken sailors in congress (ie democrats) have made it to shore leave...

    So now they are at 1.7 trillion dollars for healthcare over 10 years to ostensibly cover 50 million people. I haven't seen updates as to how many of that 50 million it will actually cover, or how many of those 50 million already had coverage but didn't realize it... but lets be generous and say it covers all 50 million. Thats still a cost of $3400 per person per year or $283/month PER PERSON. You can get basic coverage in the open market for that, and families and groups pay even less. I pay around $900ish a month for a family of 5 including employer paid portion.

  2. I pay $352/month for family and I'm not even on a group plan. But remember, this is a crisis and it must be rammed through now before it's too late! People are dying in the streets because they can't get treatment for god's sake! It can't wait.

    Just imagine if we'd delayed passing the $787B stimulus bill. Unemployment might be nearing 10% by now!! Oh wait!

  3. And the banks might have failed..........oh wait.....CIT group is failing even after 2.3 billion in TARP!

  4. The free market and capitalism will always right the ship. If Barry would have stayed out of GM and Chrysler, some wealthy person or group would have stepped up and seized on the opportunity. If not, if the actual legal bankruptcy procedures would have been followed, then of course disaster WOULD NOT have occurred. The airlines went through bankruptcy and the country didn't implode. Sure, there was some collateral damage like usual, but nothing like the impending complete destruction of the free market system that is at the forefront of Barry's agenda.

  5. Was CIT tied to Goldman Sach's at all? If not, that's why they didn't bail them out.



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