Sweatin' With the Socialists!

  1. Sweatin' With the Socialists!

  2. That's pretty funny stuff!

  3. man thats good

  4. I've never really had an issue with Socialists until I came to the conclusion that it's basicially a new name for leftist or commie. Being in a Union, we support all types of causes, some of which make me want to throw up and then kick someone's ass. I had the unfortunately displeasure of meeting an attractive young lady who turned out to be a left wing fruit cake while I was assisting another Union with their strike. It has really left me less motivated to be active in the Union as a result because I don't want to be associated with those jackasses (the leftys).

  5. Good stuff.

  6. That's just the latest addition to Obama's health care reform.

  7. and it will only cost the taxpayers $800 per copy to be sent to overweight people.


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