Is anyone middle of the road?

  1. Is anyone middle of the road?

    I for one am. I do not see how either side can be 100% right on even 60% of the issues.

    For instance I am pro-union (even though I do not work in a field that has labor unions, just think everyone willing to work deserves a fair wage and benefits) and pro-abortion but against big government and welfare programs.

    Just an example. 100s more. I really think we need a middle of the road party. Which would be extremely difficult due to the amount of issues and having to pick a side.

    The most important issue to me is taxes (because that is what most affects me personally) and labor. The rest is primarily points to debate. I don't plan on doing anything to get executed. I use birth control so the odds of needing an abortion is low, etc. etc. so I could care less if some woman with 6 kids, a crack habit, and AIDS gets $3 more a month in food stamps. If I had my way she wouldn't but you get the picture.

  2. Middle of the road is relative. Middle of the road in Texas means you want all guns legal except for artillery. Middle of the road in New York means you sometimes like women.

  3. i have all ways agreed that there s/b a "middle of the road" party. but here's the problem. i can not have a party that is "custom" to my beliefs unless i run for government. sure it would be great to have a well-rounded person to run, but the fact is that most likely will never happen. money and the media that controls the masses opinion on who to vote for will win. our president is not picked by us, not fully, opinion is made by what? the TV. who controls that? the media. the masses are asses, all ways have been. just watch our coverage of the war, and then watch the BBC's version, very different.

  4. Middle of the road usually means "more like me". No, there can be no such party.

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