Facebook, twitter, myspace... Seriously??

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  1. Facebook, twitter, myspace... Seriously??

    Am I actually watching CNN and their full "news reports" including twitter and facebook responses?? The news is sickening.

  2. Get with the times oldie Actually that's some of the few accurate ways to get the news out of Iran right now. FB responses though... kinda odd but I guess I've got to get used to it.

  3. Its not journalism, its entertainment as theres no way to validate it. then again, cnn hasn't had much journalism for a while

  4. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Its not journalism, its entertainment as theres no way to validate it. then again, cnn hasn't had much journalism for a while

  5. There's an ongoing rundown over at fark.com that has turned out to be THE most reliable, up to the minute relay of compiled info.

    The few sources posting from the situation have been verified as accurate - but more is mixed in with supposed government shilled misinformation.

    Haven't had a lot of sleep lately, due to trying to keep an eye out and stay at least marginaly informed while all the news shows concentrate on John and freakin Kate.

    This country has become highly stupid.
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  6. it's like reality TV. I've pretty much withdrawn from news outlets outside of colbert and daily news... At least I know it's comedy when I tune in

  7. A lot happened yesterday, and can be found under the header "18th of June", as well as the demands from protesters section, now with a video and speech from Mousavi. Today's events are covered here and under the header "19th of June"

    It has been confirmed: Reformists leaders have called on their protesters to boycott the prayer session led by Khameini. This is an extremely bold move.

    A relatively large crowd was present to hear Khameini declared during the prayers. It was very easy to notice that this crowd was also much older than those we have seen revolting. He had two sermons, a religious one and a political one. In his religious speech, his main points were that the Revolution is sacred, its goals are the goals of Allah, and that those who go against the Revolution go against Allah. He asked Allah for victories against their enemies. In his second sermon, he blamed the West, claimed that Iran was one of the most democratic country on Earth and that the results were not rigged. Of course, this is the fault of "Dirty Zionists" and British Radio. All in all, nothing unexpected, all the usual boogeymen were blamed, the Revolution and the Government are blameless and those who refuse to stand in line will be dealt with.

    In other news, things are not rosy for the Basij and there are increasing signs that they are starting not only to lose ground, but to fear for their safety. There are many reports that most Basij forces are now hiding their identities with masks for fear of reprisal. There are websites being created featuring images and often identities of Basij who have been violently repressing students, calling for actin to be taken against those men.

    I really am trying to cram the most relevant information and speculation only. Everything is updated as events unfold, especially the timeline and what will happen in the future. If you want to link this, here is the website, updated as the situation changes:


    For those wondering, here is the current time in Iran

    All twitter posts about the army being involved are false as I am writing this Warning, new twitter feeds are most likely government members trying to spread misinformation, ignore them! They have really stepped-up their efforts in the last day or so. Also, there is a handful of good twitter feeds, but please do not publicize their usernames, they are in enough danger as it is and they don't need more publiclity. Those in the know will c/p their entries. Major timeline overhaul, including what has unfolded in the last few hours.

    Suppression of Dissent - The Players

    Currently, there are either two or three maybe four groups who are suppressing the students on the ground that you'll read about throughout this thread:

    1. The Basij
    2. Ansar Hizbullah (which I will refer to as Ansar)
    3. Lebanese Hizbullah (Unconfirmed but either probable or a persistent rumour. Der Spiegel, based on a Voice of America report, says that 5,000 Hizbullah fighters are currently in Iran masquerading as riot police, confirming the independent reports. Iran Press News has posted two photographs of men they claim are Hizbullah and Hamas mercenaries. Many different independent reports and video point that way. Even in the last days other independent twitter feeds have declared witnessing thugs beating on people while shouting in Arabic; I will refer to them as Hizbullah)
    4. Lebanese Hamas (unconfirmed and doubtful. This rumour has been cropping up all day, with some of the most twitter feeds saying they had visual confirmation of Lebanese Hamas fighters along with Lebanese Hizbullah member. Take with a grain of salt, but it has been mentioned often enough, by sources generally always right, that it deserves of a mention here. Iran Press TV also claims to have posted a picture of Hamas mercenaries. I will refer to them as Hamas)

    - The Basij are your regular paramilitary organization. They are the armed hand of the clerics. The Basij are a legal group, officially a student union, and are legally under direct orders of the Revolutionary Guard. Their main raison d'Ítre is to quell dissent. They are the ones who go and crack skulls, force people to participate in pro-regime demonstrations, and generally try to stop any demonstrations from even starting. They are located throughout the country, in every mosque, every university, every social club you can think of. They function in a way very similar to the brownshirts.

    They were the ones who first started the crackdown after the election, but it wasn't enough. While they are violent and repressive, they are still Persian and attacking fellow citizens. A beating is one thing, mass killings another.

    - Another group was working with them, whose members are even more extreme, is Ansar. There is a lot of cross-membership between the Basij and Ansar, though not all are members of the other group and vice-versa. The vast majority of Ansar are Persians (either Basij or ex-military), though a lot of Arab recruits come from Lebanon and train with them under supervision of the Revolutionary Guard. They are not functioning under a legal umbrella, they are considered a vigilante group, but they pledge loyalty directly to the Supreme Leader and most people believe that they are under his control. They are currently helping the Basij to control the riots, but due to the fact that they are Persians and in lower numbers than the Basij, they are not that active.

    - The Lebanese Hizbullah is a direct offshoot (and under direct control) of the Iranian Hizbullah (itself under direct control of the Supreme Leader) and cooperates closely with Ansar though Ansar occupies itself only with Iran's domestic policies, while Hizbullah occupies itself only with Iran's foreign policy unless there is a crisis like right now. However, Hizbullah has been called to stop violent riots in Iran in the past.

    (the following paragraph includes some speculation based on reports from ground zero, it is no confirmed, this is what was reported early on by various twitter feeds considered credible, so do not take this as anything but unconfirmed rumours) Hizbullah flew in a lot of their members in Iran, most likely a good deal even before the elections in case there were trouble. They are the ones who speak Arabs and are unleashing the biggest level of violence on the Persians so far. Another wave arrived recently and there is chatter that yet another wave of Hizbullah reinforcements are coming in from Lebanon as we speak. According to Iranians on the ground, they are the ones riding motorcycles, beating men women and children indiscriminately and firing live ammunitions at students.

    - The Lebanese Hamas is a branch of Hamas set-up in Lebanon. Like Hamas in Gaza, Hamas in Lebanon is directly under the orders of the Hamas council of Damascus known as Majlis al-Shurah. While it is surprising to hear that they might be involved, and as I said take these reports with a grain of salt until we get more confirmations, it is not illogical either. Iran has become the main benefactor of Hamas in the last years, branching out from only supporting Islamic Jihad. They now provide Hamas with the bulk of their budget, with advanced weaponry and training by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Not only do Hamas own them a lot, but if the Republic falls, Hamas finds itself in dire trouble. It is very likely that, at the call of Iran, the Majlis al-Shura would have decided to send fighters from their Lebanese Hamas branch along with Hizbullah fighters if it was requested of them.
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  8. Other Players

    Decided to create this section in order to give a wider range of explanations for people who might not be too familiar with Iran's internal politics and structure.

    The Police

    Iran's police is not dissimilar to your run-of-the-mill law enforcement in other dictatorships, with the difference that they are not generally as brutal and repressive. This is because the Basij are generally in charge of these activities, meaning that Iranian policemen generally concentrate more on the law and order aspect of Iranian daily life.

    Today, it is thought that the Iranian police numbers close to 60,000 members, in contrast with up to a million Basij members. This is one of the reasons why we hear much more about the plainclothes militia than we do about the police right now, the other being that the Basij and Ansar are much more willing to violently assault their fellow citizens than even the regular police force. This is not as much a testament to the decency of your average police officers as much as a damning report of what the Basij and Ansar thugs are like.

    There are also subdivisions and extra-legal forces attached to the police force. The major subdivision would be the riot police (So-called Unit 110) who are actually much more violent than regular police officers, but also in much, much smaller numbers. There is also VEVAK, the secret police. Very little is known and confirmed about them, except their extreme tactics include murder, kidnapping and torture.

    The Army

    In Iran, there are actually two armies. They are divided between Artesh and Pasdaran.

    Artesh is the regular Military apparatus of the Republic. Their numbers, including reservists, go up to a million members, but only half of them have received anything more than very basic training. As it is often the case in police states, there is very little known and confirmed about the structure of the Army itself.

    They were created prior to the Iranian Revolution, in fact this army has existed in one form or another, and is a continuation, for more than 2,500 years. This is not as impressive as it sounds, however, as they often underwent drastic changes, there is no real links between the current incarnations, and the top echelons were most often purged when new rulers took power. In fact, in the last 100 years, those purges happened between two or three times, depending on the count, the last time centered around the time of the Islamic revolution, when most generals were forced to flee, killed, or killed while in exile.

    Artesh took the brunt of the military casualties during the Iran-Iraq war, the army is considered to very nationalist and not extremely religious, which explains why they have declared their neutrality and refusal to repress the situation, as they see their purpose to defend the Iranian population.

    Everyone agrees they will be the ultimate key to this Revolution when they finally decide to take a side, or alternatively force the Pasdaran to stay on the sidelines with them.

    Pasdaran, also known as Iranian Revolutionary Guard

    The Iranian Ground forces (I will focus on them, as the Navy and Airforce are currently irrelevant, will update if the situation changes) have been estimated between 100,000 and 130,000 units total. As always, truth most likely resides somewhere in the middle. They are, much like the Basij and Ansar, subservient directly to the Supreme Leader, and ideologically created in the spirit of defending the Islamic Revolution ideals and Republic, not Iran per se. They also control the Basij.

    They are a child of the revolution, and they are more geared toward guerilla warfare than they are for military engagements. They are also the force responsible for training the various terrorist groups financed and supported by the Iranian government. They are fanatically devoted to the Republic through intense indoctrination.

    The elite troops are called Quds. They are considered the elite of the elite, but they only number between 2000-6000, although rumours say that they are twice or three time as big. They are, however, rumours and quite unlikely.

    Ultimately, the Revolutionary Council and the Supreme Leader will call on them if they think they are on the verge of losing power, however it is unlikely that the army will just stay on the sidelines if this happens.

    The Guardian Council, formerly known as The Revolutionary Council

    The Revolutionary Council was created by Ayatollah Khomeini shortly before the Iranian Revolution. Since then, they have sat as the real authority of Iran. The Guardian Council is made up of 12 Ayatollahs, and they are the ones who dictate every little facet of Iranian life, making the position of President mostly irrelevant, as they do not take any major decisions without first asking permission from Khameini and his cronies. They do not have any qualms about hiding this, as the head of the Council is called "Supreme Leader".

    The very goal of this revolution has become not only to elect Moussavi as President, but also elect Grand Ayatollah Montazeri as Supreme Leader. GA Montazeri has been calling for a separation of Mosque and State, and transferring most powers of the Supreme Leader to the President, including control of the Armed Forces.

    The Grand Ayatollahs

    The Grand Ayatollahs are Shiite clerics who first attained the position of Ayatollahs and then, through their knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence, attained a supreme position and are regarded as the most important voice in Shia Islam today. They center around the holy Shiite city of Qom, though some live outside Iran.

    What will happen

    Unless the army decides to intervene in the favor of the Council and to stop the early beginnings of the new Revolution, Ansar & Hizbullah members will be the ones doing the brunt of the killing and repression with Basij as a support while also protecting government buildings and try to do crowd control. The police seems to have for the most part disbanded in centers like Tehran according to all reports, including international media. If the police decides to come back, they will focus less on protection and crowd control, so the Basij will start to crack more skulls).

    Currently, this is what is happening. Regarding the repression of dissent.

    As for the political scene, the majority of Grand Ayatollahs who expressed an opinion on this have sided with the protesters/against the results of the election. They are GA Ardebili, GA Montazeri, GA Shirazi, GA Golpaygani and GA Sanei. The only Grand Ayatollah who has sided in favor of the election results is Khameini, who is also the Supreme Leader of the Revolutionary Council, and the facto ruler of Iran.

    note: I built this through both articles and twitter feeds, so I do not claim that this is a 100% factually correct representation of reality, but this is the general narrative.

    14th of June - While the previous day had been witness to some protests, they were for the most part peaceful. However, as time grew the protests turned more and more violent. When the first spontaneous riots erupted, the first wave of violence was unleashed. The Iranian Riot Police was called in to support the regular police officers controlling the protests, and shortly after the Basij also took the scene, moving from a passive to active role of repression. The RP concentrated mostly around public buildings and streets while the Basij took position around student groups, especiallly universities.

    - As things got more out of hand, more and more Basij troops were called in, as the police started dispersing. The riot police are less inclined (or, rather I should say the Basij are more inclined) to use violence so they retreated and leaving the place to the Basij. The repressive forces concentrated their assault mostly around the main Iranian universities, while the riot police were concentrating on protecting various government buildings such as the Interior Ministry. At least two people had been killed already.

    - On the telecommunication front, this is when we started to hear more and more from twitters while videos were being freely updated to youtube (while youtube started to delete the more violent ones a few hours later). This is also the moment where the government realized what was happening, and ordered for the internet, phone lines and cellphones to be cut off, in order to avoid people communicating with the outside world.
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  9. Sorry that the links are not enabled - but this is a steadily updated post entry that heads the new threads (now up past 20 of them).
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  10. subb'd for john and kate info

  11. Quote Originally Posted by warnerve View Post
    subb'd for john and kate info
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  12. Wow man. I knew it was blowing up quickly but I didn't know it had gotten so far.

  13. yeah, I definitely haven't seen anything close to that level of detail on foxnews website, which I read a couple times a day. Their main headline relating to it is something about Iran saying US meddling is unacceptable

  14. Here's the fark link, in case you all want to follow as close to realtime as I have ever seen. Fark is a weird site, with a pretty much free-for-all format that gets annoying - but there are informational gems as well:

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  15. does anyone have any ashton kutcher news?

  16. Wow, i had no idea any of this was going on... where is this information coming from ??? Twitter??

  17. Matt, I had no idea you were a farker!
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    Matt, I had no idea you were a farker!
    He will be selling fresh kitten milk at RPN before we know it.
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    He will be selling fresh kitten milk at RPN before we know it.
    Every Caturday, right?
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    Matt, I had no idea you were a farker!
    You couldn't tell?

    /by my witty asides?
    //and slashies?
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by D3vildog View Post
    Wow, i had no idea any of this was going on... where is this information coming from ??? Twitter??
    The government THOUGHT they were going to be able to control information in and out. They didn't count on proxy boxes set up by legion here and everywhere, providing access to people on the ground with dishes and cellphone connections.

    Yep...the only info steadily coming out is from Twitter...who the hell would have guessed?

    This is a new model of anti-repression and revolution, my friend...please observe and learn well for when the info will come in handy.
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    You couldn't tell?

    /by my witty asides?
    //and slashies?
    Nice. I think we should start those up over here, see if we can get a trend going

    /super cereal
    //or am I?
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  23. wow... i always hated twitter... lol gues its not useless

    I seem to do alot of putting my foot in my mouth lately when it comes to myspace, facebook, and a few other things...

  24. I get all my updates from my fellow mobsters on myspace.

  25. TV media is obsolete - they really provide nothing that you can't get on your own on the net, facebook, myspace, twitter, blogs, etc.

    What they do though - is provide the MILLIONS of folks out there with no IP skills TONS of slanted, bogus information that they sell off as gospel. Sheeple if you will.


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