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    Yup, time for a change! He is ready, I just know least that is what all the Democrats keep saying. They cannot tell a lie. I mean, he is spending $170mil on his inaugeration today, which in this difficult financial time is well spent money. We need to celebrate this day to the extreme. I'm glad the Dems and libs have no double standards, especially when they complained about Bush spending $45mil 4 years ago. Are people just blind, ignorant, in denial, or just plain stupid? Is America full of Americans anymore? I'm sick for my country today.....Obama, prove me wrong please!
    you have to use fewer words...they get confused easily!

  2. 2 days man, this isn't becoming 'anything' yet. Take a deep breath and relax.

  3. people need to relax a bit. give the administration some time to get the ball rolling.



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