It's about ****ing time!

  1. That was a messy situation

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    That was a messy situation
    yes it was. to my mind, and i'm sure not everyone believes the same, but anyone bringing drugs/guns into this country deserves anything that happens to them. the constitution does not apply to them, as they are:

    1 - not citizens
    2 - not in the country legally.

  3. No sh8t it's about time
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  4. Heard you got banned for a minute their ruggy
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  5. About time, but still too bad he only commuted and didn't pardon them completely.

  6. Yes, he commuted the prison sentences, but the the actual charges. That sucks. Those guys were just doing their job. That is why we have a damn problem now with illegals.
  7. dpfisher
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    I'm fine with the illegals bringing drugs and guns into the country, they aren't taking our jobs since they are using the black market and people should be free to have drugs and guns if they want. If more people had guns and drugs weren't illegal there would be a lot less violent crime in this country. And no, I don't carry a gun or use drugs, I just think people should have the freedom to.


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