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The "people" aren't being robbed simply because that money will never be paid back at full value. Its the fiat currency shell game.

The banks are not the beneficiaries of the bailouts. Losing control and enlisting your corporation as a government entity is not something I'd like to undertake. The government gets to print and borrow massive amounts of capital in order to bailout banks who also have no capital. Its like Enron paying off your credit card debt.

You give the "men behind the scenes" way too much credit. Who will benefit from all this in the long run? Nobody ultimately. We're entering a prolonged depression that will last multiple years. When the Chinese cut us off, this country's economic system will self destruct.
Ultimately rob who cares about having lots of money when your rich beyond measure what the real genius of it all will be is the control the government will have over the people. When things hit the low point people will agree to things they, in their right minds, would have never otherwise agreed to. THis will happen globally potentially in different extremes a power free for all. I guess noone is really being robbed its more like creative diversion tactics.