Pentagon "Bailout" for Lee Dynamics

  1. Pentagon "Bailout" for Lee Dynamics

    Lee Dynamics Gets $1 Million From Pentagon After Bribing Army Officers

    11/17/08 By Matt Kelley, USA TODAY

    WASHINGTON — A firm suspended from U.S. government contracts for bribing Army officers was awarded a new contract in Iraq two days after the suspension was imposed, government investigators found.

    The Pentagon paid the suspended company more than $1 million under the new contract.

    Contracting officers gave Lee Dynamics International a new contract in July 2007 despite warnings from military lawyers, according to a report issued by Stuart Bowen, special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction (SIGIR). The Joint Contracting Command-Iraq did not return calls on why Lee Dynamics was awarded the new contract.

    The new, one-year contract allowed Lee Dynamics to continue operating warehouses for the Iraqi security forces.

    Army Maj. Gloria Davis, who was involved in awarding the company’s initial contract in 2005, killed herself in December 2006 after telling investigators that she took $225,000 in bribes from company founder George Lee, federal court records show. Another Army officer, Lt. Col. Levonda Selph, pleaded guilty last year to taking $9,000 in bribes.

    Neither Lee nor his company has been charged with a crime.

    Business as usual in the brave new neo-con world...will Obama be able to stop this sort of madness? Do the haters care about this sort of thing at all?

  2. Typical US government....

    Kind of like parents who smoke and tell their kids not to smoke.....

    US government: don't steal people, it's immoral and illegal you will be imprisoned......while they do the exact same thing....what a joke...

  3. That isn't specific to political ties. It's all about money and what people are willing to do to get a piece of it and to answer your question; no, it will not change.

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