Damn maybe Obama is the Anti-Christ

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  1. he may be he may not be. the bible says that the anti christ will be out of the east (maybe pakistan or somewhere). He will speak on peace throughout the world and everyone will love him.

  2. Regardless of anything. Satan is real. But Obama doesnt seem like the Anti-Christ, he is too stupid to do it, he is following the old school politic rulebook.

    The Anti-Christ is not necessarily a person that comes once, technically it is a spirit that may in fact have been playing roles throughout history to prepare for the end times. Such as Hitler, not one of you cannot say that his heart wasnt evil. One possible theory is people like him were inhabited by the the thronging's of the Anti-Christ. And some before him as well. To mold and prepare the world for what it has become. Pretty much disgusting. Between McDonals, Greed, Vodka, sex, drugs, and obesity the world has gotten pretty bad.

    Should that possibility hold true though, Obama may not be the anti-christ as of now, but he could be being used to pave the way in his preaching of *change*. And he could very well be inhabited by the desires like those that became of many leaders who turned corrupt after promising their people the world.



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