McCain Campaign's Race Baiting HOAX.

  1. McCain Campaign's Race Baiting HOAX.


    First, from the king of muckrakers...

    And from Fox News:

    Moment of Truth FOX Forum
    Moment of Truth

    It had to happen.

    Less than two weeks before we vote for a new president, a white woman says a black man attacked her, then scarred her face, and says there was a political motive for it.

    Ashley Todd, a 20-year-old white volunteer for John McCain’s presidential campaign, says she was mugged at an ATM machine in Pittsburgh (my hometown) by a big black man. She further says he threw her down, then disfigured her by carving the letter “B” into her face with a sharp implement when he saw that she supported McCain, not Barack Obama.

    Part of the appeal of, and the unspoken tension behind, Senator Obama’s campaign is his transformational status as the first African-American to win a major party’s presidential nomination.

    That does not mean that he has erased the mutual distrust between black and white Americans, and this incident could become a watershed event in the 11 days before the election.

    If Ms. Todd’s allegations are proven accurate, some voters may revisit their support for Senator Obama, not because they are racists (with due respect to Rep. John Murtha), but because they suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee.

    If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting.

    For Pittsburgh, a city that has done so much to shape American history over the centuries, another moment of truth is at hand.
    Besides throwing in some nice unbalanced commentary, I love how rather than investigate the very weak story, Fox runs with it and piles on.

    TODAY: - McCain Campaign Volunteer: Attack Story Snowballed Out Of Control
    Police sources tell KDKA that a McCain campaign worker has now confessed to making up a story that a mugger attacked her and cut the letter "B" in her face after seeing her McCain bumper sticker.

    Investigators did say that they received photos from the ATM machine and "the photographs were verified as not being the victim making the transaction."

    This afternoon, a Pittsburgh police commander told KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin that Todd confessed to making up the story.

    The commander added that Todd will face charges; but police have not commented on what those charges will be.

  2. Poor misguided "Western Pennsylvania" girl


  3. Utterly disgusting!
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  4. What an idiot.

    To link this to the overall campaign agenda is ridiculous though....but thats Arrogant. McCain is a racist as well as the devil.
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  5. I'm in college and can't figure out that if I use a mirror to scratch the B in my face, it'll be backwards! ****ing Dumbass...

  6. I can pull articles too.

    How interesting!!!

    bama plays the race card cleverly
    By Charles Krauthammer


    Let me get this straight: A couple of agitated yahoos in a rally of thousands yell something offensive and incendiary, and John McCain and Sarah Palin are not just guilty by association — with total strangers, mind you — but worse. They are guilty, according to The New York Times of "race-baiting and xenophobia." But should you bring up Barack Obama's real associations — 20 years with Jeremiah Wright, working on two foundations and distributing money with William Ayers, citing the raving Michael Pfleger as one who helps him keep his moral compass (Chicago Sun-Times, April 2004) and the long-standing relationship with the left-wing vote-fraud specialist ACORN — you have crossed the line into illegitimate guilt by association.

    Moreover, it is tinged with racism.

    The fact that, when John McCain actually heard one of those nasty things said about Obama, he incurred the boos of his own crowd by insisting that Obama is "a decent person that you do not have to be scared (of) as president" makes no difference. It surely did not stop John Lewis from comparing McCain to George Wallace.

    The search for McCain's racial offenses is untiring and often unhinged. Remember McCain's Berlin/celebrity ad that showed a shot of Paris Hilton? An appalling attempt to exploit white hostility at the idea of black men "becoming sexually involved with white women," fulminated New York Times columnist Bob Herbert. He took to TV to denounce McCain's exhumation of that most vile prejudice, pointing out McCain's gratuitous insertion in the ad of "two phallic symbols," the Washington Monument and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

    Except that Herbert was entirely delusional. There was no Washington Monument. There was no Leaning Tower. Just photographs seen in every newspaper in the world of Barack Obama's Berlin rally in the setting he himself had chosen: Berlin's Victory Column.

    Herbert is not the only fevered one. On Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Jonathan Alter of Newsweek fell over themselves agreeing that the "political salience" of the Republican attack on ACORN is, yes, its unstated appeal to racial prejudice.

    This about an organization that is being accused of voter registration fraud in about a dozen states. In Nevada, the investigating secretary of state is a Democrat. Is he playing the race card too?

    What makes the charges against McCain especially revolting is that he has been scrupulous in eschewing the race card. He has gone far beyond what is right and necessary, refusing even to make an issue of Obama's deep, self-declared connection with the race-baiting Jeremiah Wright.

    In the name of racial rectitude, McCain has denied himself the use of that perfectly legitimate issue. It is simply Orwellian for him to be now so widely vilified as a stoker of racism. What makes it doubly Orwellian is that these charges are being made on behalf of the one presidential candidate who repeatedly, and quite brilliantly, has deployed the race card.

    How brilliantly? The reason Bill Clinton is sulking in his tent is because he feels that Obama surrogates succeeded in painting him as a racist. Clinton has many sins, but from his student days to his post-presidency, his commitment and sincerity in advancing the cause of African-Americans have been undeniable. If the man Toni Morrison called the first black president can be turned into a closet racist, then anyone can.

    And Obama has shown no hesitation in doing so to McCain. Just weeks ago in Springfield, Mo., and elsewhere, he warned darkly that George Bush and John McCain were going to try to frighten you by saying that, among other scary things, Obama has "a funny name" and "doesn't look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills." McCain has never said that or anything like that. When asked at the time to produce one instance of McCain deploying race, the Obama campaign could not. Yet here was Obama firing a preemptive charge of racism against a man who had not indulged in it. It was an extraordinary rhetorical feat and a dishonorable one.

    What makes this all the more dismaying is that it comes from Barack Obama, who has presented himself consistently as a healer, a man of a new generation above and beyond race, the man who would turn the page on the guilt-tripping grievance politics of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    I once believed him.
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