Joe the Plumber = Joe the idiot

  1. Joe the Plumber = Joe the idiot

    Joe the plumber is an idiot. He too has been convinced by the Mccain campaign that giving someone else more money is better for you than just giving you more money. Wow, you have to be an idiot to vote for John Mccain. Joe doesn't make anywhere near 250,000 so he would benefit from Obama's plan. I can't wait till this race is over, I'm tired of hearing Mccain and Palin take advantage over the not so smart portion of America.

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  3. I went to the dentist yesterday and started thinking about the tax increase and how if his margins are tight, he may have to either raise my co-pay, raise my insurance rates through more expensive rates, or may even cause him to lay off one of his three employees.

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