Palin And America's Manhood Deficiency

  1. Palin And America's Manhood Deficiency

    Palin And America's Manhood Deficiency

    By Pastor Matt Trewhella
    The Covenant News
    September 10, 2008

    "As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O' My people! Those who lead you cause you to err, and
    destroy the way of your paths." - Isaiah 3:12

    After watching a week of ridiculous attacks on Sarah Palin which so clearly exposed, yet again, the rank hypocrisy of the left and their lapdog media, I was almost ready to vote for McCain and Palin myself. Almost.

    But I won't. I was never keen on McCain to begin with, and his decision to add a woman to his ticket sealed my decision. I won't vote for them. Why? Because I'm a sexist (as many accuse)? No. But because I'm a theist.

    I believe in the God of the Bible and I want to see my life conducted according to His Word, and the life of our nation reflect the teaching of His Word. I will not throw my vote behind the Christ-hating egalitarian agenda of the socialist elitists of this nation.

    Egalitarianism, as defined by the elitists, is the design to erase all distinctions between males and females from society. If you have not noticed this agenda pushed in our society, you are either hopelessly naοve or just plain stupid. I could give examples from every aspect and quarter of our culture.

    From the time they are young boys, the onslaught to effeminize, neuter, and rob males of their manhood begins in this culture and continues relentless upon them till the day they die. The agenda creates confusion in males regarding what exactly their role as men is. The agenda results in rampant male irresponsibility.

    God's Word is clear that men and women have distinct roles in which they are to function - both being dear and important to the design of God. Nevertheless, I regularly run into Christian couples who have no idea that, biblically, there are distinctions for men and women. They have no problem with the man staying home and the woman being the provider. They pompously challenge me (as they condescendingly look at me as though I'm some kind of cultural Neanderthal) to show them "one scripture" which states the woman is to stay at home and the man is to go out and provide. This is how bad the confusion is in our nation, even among those who should know God's ways.

    I quickly point out to them Titus 2:5 where Scripture teaches that the older women are to admonish the younger women to be, among other things – "homemakers!" In I Timothy 5:14 the Scripture declares that the younger widows are to "marry, bear children, and manage the house!" You can't get much more – see spot run – then those verses. Men on the other hand are told they have "denied the faith" and are "worse than an infidel" if they do "not provide" for their families (I Tim. 5:8)!

    The egalitarian agenda has been pushed in this nation for about 100 years now, and is historically rooted in socialism. The Suffrage movement, wherein women obtained the right to vote, was manufactured by socialists who - because of the Christian consensus in the country at that time - guardedly used Christian words (and dress) to move their God-hating agenda forward. You can go to countless pro-abortion and pro-homosexual (lesbian) websites today which boast of their roots being founded in the Suffrage movement.

    Today, almost all people (including Christians) cannot fathom what caused these cultural Neanderthals to even think that a woman should not be allowed to vote. Truth is, they had a plethora of reasons. For example, the agenda was to "liberate" women to vote, and thus "denigrate" the role of men as heads of their homes, as their own wives could now vote against them regarding matters of public policy. Hence, Christian people opposed suffrage because it was viewed as an attack upon the structure of the Christian family. This is a huge presuppositional and theological matter.

    The socialists, statists, humanists – the God-haters – have always hated God's order for family and spend their lives trying to destroy the Christian concept of family and to re-define "family" to what they think "family" should mean. The Suffrage movement was part of that process for them, and Sarah Palin running for vice-president is a continuation of that process. The leftists are just mad because they wanted "their girl" to be first. But most people on the right have become socialists themselves, hence the pom-pom waving for Sarah.

    John McCain and the Republicans will now use the Christians to further this God-hating agenda in the earth, and most Christians, being devoid of a biblical worldview, will not even recognize how they are being used. There is something unnatural and perverse about men rallying around a woman to lead them. But an effeminized church leads to an effeminized nation.

    Our Scripture text at the top of this article makes it clear that women in leadership is a sad commentary on the state of the nation. Women should not be in leadership when it comes to matters of public policy. The man is the head of the home, and by extension, men are to lead the nation. Men are to lead in the home, in the governance of the church, and in the governance of the nation.

    Men being led by women is also a sad commentary on the state of manhood in a nation. Many point immediately to Deborah, but the truth is she was not the norm, hence her being the one thing to which people always point. But even Deborah understood that her being in leadership was abnormal and a sad commentary on the state of manhood in Israel.

    In Judges 4:9, after Barak refuses to fight unless Deborah goes with him, Deborah responds by saying, "I will surely go with you; nevertheless there will be no glory for you in the journey you are taking, for the Lord will sell Sisera into the hand of a woman." God makes it clear through Deborah that women leading, and men abdicating their God-given roles and responsibilities, are shameful things.

    I do not know if Sarah Palin is a Deborah, but I do know that I do not like the machinations of man that I see trying to bring the process about. I do know as a Christian man I will not vote to put a woman in the number two leadership spot of our nation. I am not one of these Christians who have to have a perfect candidate whom I agree with on every iota, but I will not be fodder for a political agenda when such a huge, principled, presuppositional matter is at stake.

    Listen, this egalitarian agenda helped bring us to the corrupt, listless place our nation finds itself. Furthering this agenda by voting for Palin will not rescue this nation from its demise – its part of the cause, not the cure.

    For those who are horror stricken that Obama might get in with such thinking as mine being propagated, let me tell you, our nation is worthy of Obama – just as it is worthy of a female leader. The state of our nation is rebellion against the Lord. The state of manhood in our nation is at an all-time low (as evidenced by the tolerance and proliferation of homosexuality). The state of the church is abysmal.

    So don't worry. Calm down. I assure you, there are plenty of Christian feminists and effeminized Baraks in this present American Christianity to carry the vote for McCain in November.


    I don't believe in religion or god.

    But I totally agree that MOST of this country's "men" are really just women with penises

    Your average American man is now, dumb, fat and cowardly.

    The funny thing is, they think it's normal and ok to be like that.....

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