Audacity of Arrogance

  1. Audacity of Arrogance

    Audacity of Arrogance
    Hugh Hewitt
    Monday, September 01, 2008

    Senator Obama’s first public show of male chauvinism was in Detroit in May. Detroit reporter Peggy Agar asked a question about help for local autoworkers and received this response from Senator Obama: “Hold on one second sweetie”; he also ignored her question.

    Now, on Sixty Minutes, he describes Governor Sarah Palin: "Obviously, she's a fine mother and an up-and-coming public servant." So, the three year Senator from Illinois now refers to the two year Governor of Alaska as an "fine mother and an up-and-coming public servant." Oh my God!

    This is not the audacity of hope; this is the audacity of arrogance. In the dictionary, under male chauvinism, we can place a picture of Senator Obama describing a governor as a “fine mother”. This gives condescending new meaning.

    While this relatively inexperienced Vice-Presidential candidate aspires to be a heart beat away from the presidency, this equally inexperienced Senator from Illinois wants to be that heart beat.

    Let us be clear here, if international experience is a requirement of either the Presidency or the Vice-Presidency, neither Obama nor Palin has, as they say in poker, openers. The closest the Senator has ever come to international experience was being named to chair a Senate subcommittee on Europe. When he holds his first meeting, his international experience can begin. Like Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin brings executive experience to the table, but no international experience.

    Sarah Palin’s governmental experience seems very similar to that of Jimmy Carter. I do not remember anyone referring to Jimmy Carter, the one term governor of Georgia, as an obviously FINE FATHER and an up and coming public servant when he was the Democratic candidate for the Presidency.
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  2. It is funny to me that everyone picks on the experience of any of these candidates really, I mean in 2000, I am sure BP voted for George W. Bush, who had only 5 years of experience and several failed businesses.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

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